Rise Against – House on Fire review

I’m noticing a bit of a trend in some artists as of late, and that trend is to put out a lot of lyrical or audio videos for their upcoming songs. I though this was specific to pop music only, but some rock bands have adopted this idea, with Metallica taking it to the next step and releasing a video for every song off of their latest album.

With that being said, another band that has followed this trend is Rise Against, who released an audio only video for their song House on Fire from their upcoming album Wolves, which is due to be released on the 9th of June this year. Earlier this year they also released an audio video vor another song called The Violence, which I also reviewed.

I didn’t get instantly hooked to this song, as opposed to The Violence, but 2 or 3 more listens helped me in liking this very much. It’s not a political song, which for me is good. It’s more of a relationship song, some people nicely putting it as the follow-up to Methadone, or the prequel to it, depending on how you look. It’s a bit more tame than The Violence during the verses and chorus, which actually helps the song deliver the message pretty well. The bridge however is very intense and during this part you can hear Tim singing in a way I’d definitely like to hear more. You can feel the rasp and the desperation in it, with the person in the song being caught in a very hard relationship which he can’t seem to get out of because of his inability to let go. I personally see it as someone trying to help his or her significant other get out of the state he or she is currently in, a state of depression by the vibe of this song. Luckily, these guys have the ability to write songs that fit more than one interpretation, which is always a good sign.

Overall, this song has a slightly different feel than what you may expect to hear from this band, which unlike most of the stuff from The Black Market, actually works out in the end. It was not an instant hook for me, as I’ve said, but I also didn’t have to listen to it 20 times in order to like it, which is a good return on investment for a song. I don’t know what to expect from this album, but I sincerely hope it’s a combination of both introspective songs like House on Fire and societal songs such as The Violence.

I know some people want them to continuously write songs such as State of the Union or Give It All, but I am actually a bigger fan of their non-political songs (Blood to Bleed, Like the Angel etc), even though Give It All will always be my favorite song of theirs. Hence why I believe a combination of these two themes would be best (see also The Sufferer and the Witness). I definitely don’t want another Appeal to Reason album.