The (almost) impossible task of complete disconnection

About a year ago Doctor Strange hit the theaters. And one of the more funny scenes from the movie, which was also included in one of the trailers, is the bit with the WiFi password that Mordo gives do Stephen. When that trailer came out, a reviewer I sometimes follow on YouTube gave word to what I was thinking when he talked about the scene. He said something along the lines of “oh man, not even in the most secluded of places can one get away from the whole Hillary vs Trump discussions”.

A few days ago the movie aired on a movie channel and I rewatched it and this scene came on. This got me thinking about the idea in the title of this post. It is virtually (not literally) impossible to completely disconnect yourself from things you despise. Now as I’ve stated I freaking hate news and politics and as much as I unfollowed people on Facebook I still pick up on the latest sh*t going on because I don’t want to unfollow everyone. And while the number of political related posts I saw plummeted, it still isn’t 0, and probably will never be.

The same goes for any and all workplaces. No matter how much you want to avoid talking about certain topics, there is always that one person who HAS to bring up these subjects because it’s the most interesting thing one can think to talk about when one doesn’t have ANY hobbies or things he/she likes.

And it’s really annoying…like REALLY annoying. Someone always has to bring up shitty political subjects in a conversation even though most of the time people have no freaking clue what they’re talking about. And I don’t wanna hear that whole “ugh, well that’s why they get away with it, because you don’t care enough”. Constantly talking about these subjects is not going to accomplish anything. I’m not saying to not be informed, but shoving endless news articles down your throat and other’s throats will accomplish nothing. Wanna know why? Because by the time you actually have a chance to change something (you know, by voting) you and everyone around you will either be so burned out because of the constant ingestion of news or you’ll fall into the classical trap of “ugh, I won’t vote, everyone’s the same”.

Is complete disconnection even possible? I don’t know, the only solution I find to this conundrum is closing any and all social media accounts and working for yourself e.g. being self-employed. Basically, you need to get off the grid in order to be able to be completely disconnected.

In the end (*sad sigh sound*), all I really want from people is to tone these discussions down. Seriously, there are way more interesting things to discuss than this. I’m not saying you have to discuss philosophy or what not. Just…tone it down, look around you, live in the moment and close down all these subjects, at least for a few hours.


The “plastic fan” syndrome of the pretentious “real fans”

Being a Liverpool fan is not easy, nor has it been for the last several years. With the constant backfiring of any and all title campaigns, some of which were really close under Rafa Benitez and Luis Suarez (I was going to say Brendan Rodgers, but it was Luis’s efforts that got Liverpool anywhere near title contention), it’s getting pretty hard to endure the constant mocking of other fans. Well, maybe not so much for me, but if you happen to be an English supporter of Liverpool I guess it’s a bit harder.

And while scrolling through some social media posts on the official Facebook page, I happened to run into a bunch of people calling ANYONE who had anything bad to say about the team “plastic fans”. Listen up you entitled annoying little brats, there is NOTHING plastic about calling a management team out for their less than stellar decisions. And yeah, some people just love to bitch all the time, but other complaints from so called plastic fans were valid (and I mean REALLY valid complaints, with regards to defenders and so on).

I hate the idea of blindly supporting a team. I don’t support the idea of abandoning said support after 2 or so defeats, but continually picking on fans who raise legitimate concerns with regards to a team’s evolution does not do any good. And them raising concerns does not make them plastic fans. How in the world can you expect a team to evolve if they keep doing the same thing over and over again? You know about that whole definition of madness, right?

And I can’t help but have the feeling that most of the people commenting about how some fans are plastic fans because of the fact that they complain about how a team is managed are the biggest of hypocrites. Why do I say this? Because I can almost guarantee that at some point in their life they have complained about their bosses. In other words, it’s ok for them to complain about their bosses, but it’s not ok for other people to complain about a management team that, let’s face it, impacts people in so little way it shouldn’t even matter if you bitch about them or not.

You know why people are annoyed with Liverpool? It’s not because they want them to constantly win, nor is it just because said team has not won the Premier League in almost 3 decades. They are annoyed because the decisions and transfers being made are not helping the team fix its weaknesses, one of which at the moment is the defense. The stubborness of the managerial team is what annoys the fans. And once again, this does not make them “plastic fans” and you blindly following the team does not make you a better supporter. It does make you look like you are living in denial though…

About blaming others for everything…

You know of the people who love to complain about being unhappy and when you ask them why, the answer is usually one containing something about others being at fault for this? If you don’t, then count yourselves lucky, because there are a lot of people like that out there.

Now on this subject, one of the most baffling office rules I’ve heard of recently was something called “silent mornings”. What does that mean? Well, apparently, there is a defined period of time where people are not allowed to talk loud. Instead, they have to whisper to one another. And all of this for the sole purpose of increasing productivity inside the company.

Since this is a blog, and not a vlog, you will have to use your imagination to picture the flabbergasted look on my face when the poor soul who has to endure this rule told me about it. I mean, I can’t be the only one that finds this rule not only stupid, but potentially the start of the downfall of a company, right?

And the reasoning behind it is even more baffling. The rule, as I’ve said, was put in place so that people could work better and be more productive apparently. Now I don’t know if it works or not, but what actually made me write this post is the reasoning behind this rule, which relates to the title of the post. I am not productive, others are at fault, am I right? And yeah, I know that when there is a lot of noise in an open-space office, it tends to get annoying, but there are so many ways in which this can be addressed, I could write a separate post about it.

It’s time to stop blaming others for your incompetence at work. The only one at fault for not getting your work done, especially when you don’t depend on others (like in a cross-over team between your company and the clients’ company), is YOU! You want to know what is keeping you from actually doing work? Social media, news sites and any and all distractions you choose to indulge instead of saying “No thanks, I have to work”. Also, being a tad more organised will help you become more productive.

There will always be things that are out of your control. That is just the way life goes. Trying to control them will only lead to sadness when you realize you can’t do it. But there are also things that are in your complete control. The way you work is one of them. Soooooo how about you start looking into what YOU can improve instead of blaming others and creating stupid rules? You’d be surprised at the outcome of this decision…

Doping in sports and whiny fans

The US Open is going to start in some days time and one of the things I’ve learned about this current edition is that Maria Sharapova has received a wild card. And I saw some backlash towards this decision by some tennis fans, all because she was caught using a banned substance. Now I don’t know if she was aware it was banned at the time (Maria says she didn’t know, and to be fair it did just get banned only a few months prior to her getting caught), but whether or not it was intentional is not important because it is not what I want to talk about.

What I do want to talk about is the whiny fans that complain she was given a wild card instead of *insert random tennis player name here*. Why do they complain? Because she was at some point in her career caught using a banned substance. And of course, the special snowflake fans who have never committed or cheated in any way, shape or form in their entire life, get to have their say about whether or not she should be allowed to participate.

Now I am no Maria Sharapova fan by any stretch. I’m not even that big of a tennis fan in general, but this annoying, whiny attitude towards any woman or man who was caught in such a manner has to stop. Maria Sharapova was caught, and subsequently banned. She has served her punishment. It was not a lifetime punishment, it was a fixed period in which she could not play. End of story. Whether or not YOU think she should participate is of no importance because legally, she is allowed to play.

The same goes for Justin Gatlin. The World Athletics Championships have just concluded and Justin won the 100M race. And upon rewatching the best bits of the championships, one of the commentators mentioned his annoyance at the booing that Justin recieved during the preliminary rounds. And I fully agree with him. Justin Gatlin served a 2 year ban for using illegal substances. He has served his punishment. Whether or not he learned a lesson is a different subject. But if the sporting law says he can run/play/participate/whatever, then he can do whatever he wants.

You know what is more funny? I’m thinking there are two reasons people complain about athletes like Maria or Justin. Either they are the pure people who have never cheated once in their entire life and expect the same from others while also having no empathy, or they’re scared that the athlete returning is actually so good he might beat their favorite ones. The second one seems more likely, as people tend to take sports results very seriously from time to time.

I am not condoning doping, far from it actually, as it is dangerous for one’s health. What I am hoping for is that people stop complaining every time a sports person starts participating in tournaments again after serving a doping ban.

Haters will always hate

Sorry for the rather hectic schedule I’ve adopted in the last two weeks,
I have been a bit busy with the tutorial site which was almost ready a while back 🙂 .

I’ve been doing this writing gig for a few months now and even though it did not exactly become either viral and it does not have as much hits, I still enjoy doing it, and will do it when the time allows me to do it. I’m pretty confident that the few people who do read my articles enjoy them, some more than others, and at some point I will invest some time in actually making sure this blog shows up higher in search results.

But enough with the self-fives. Being a content creator, especially if you garner a solid following or fan-base, will automatically bring forward a group of what is known as haters. A hater is a person who simply hates what you do. And I don’t mean the ones that criticize your work with the intent of giving you feedback in order to improve it, like I have met. Feedback is always good, because it helps you improve your work.

I am talking about meatheads who always complain about a content creator’s work, regardless of how good or bad it is. People that go on a band’s video to spout sh*t like “ugh, sellouts” or “ugh, you guys suck now” or “ugh, where is the energy/ugh, you sound the same” (depending on whether or not the band had tried to change its sound or not) or any and all useless tweets that may or may not have been the tipping point in Chester Bennington’s decision to kill himself.

In the aftermath of said event, a lot of people shared their opinions on the matter and on a discussion thread on Facebook I’ve learned that some artist managers forbid them from reading online comments about the artists’ work. And I can honestly understand why, given by what I see in some of them. There seems to be no middle ground anymore, you either have to love an album or hate it. There is no “yeah, I kinda like some songs from it, but as a whole it could have been better; still loving the band though” anymore.

I mean yeah, I’ve also complained about Avenged Sevenfold’s The Stage album, but I tried to contain my emotions and actually write a review, not a hate post. I still like Avenged Sevenfold a LOT, and I do enjoy some of the songs from the album even though it is not as good as the previous ones in terms of lyrics and singing.

The idea I’m trying to get at is that should you be the creator of any type of content, haters are almost inevitable when you garner a certain following. And it’s of the utmost importance that you ignore any and all haters, because nothing good comes from engaging with them. I know some books might say that you should engage in a conversation with some of them and you might end up with them as your fans in the end, but it really sounds like tedious work, with the return on investment not being worth the effort.

As I’ve said, there is a lot to gain from constructive criticism and feedback, but you have to go to a lot of hate in order to reach those comments. Don’t get disheartened, do not take into consideration what they might say. And don’t let them get to you, because that’s exactly what haters want.

Depression and the cost of disconsidering it

Opening Facebook and seeing the news that Chester Bennington, a seemingly normal lead singer, took his own life, might leave people in a state of shock and rightfully so. This state of shock however has two sides. Some people are shocked because their favorite lead singer from their favorite band has committed suicide. While others might be shocked, or even disgusted, that Chester took his own life, because he has everything a person could ever dream of. And while it’s been a few days since the event, what I’m about to talk about is still valid.

Here’s the problem with the second group of people. Chester DIDN’T have everything, he was clearly missing something! And NO ONE who commits suicide has everything they need, because if that were true, they wouldn’t resort to suicide. You know what he probably might have had though? A crippling state of anxiety and depression, since as I’ve read, Chester himself has stated that he was abused as a child and that he never really got over it, the thought of a suicide having occured to him in the past.

And while I don’t have a long list of things that trigger me, people mocking or disconsidering depression is probably at the top of things. Not because I have suffered from it, but because of the way it is dismissed as a hissy fit by your average person.

May the Heavens have mercy on your soul if you work in a corporation and have the balls to complain about your job. Why do I say that? Because the general reaction is usually something like this: “ugh, why do you complain, you have money, you have a great job and you can buy all sorts of stuff that others can’t, stop being a little b***h and be grateful, you ungratefeul s**t”. Yeah, because money and material possessions are the be-all end-all of things, even though travelling and experiences have been proven to be much more rewarding than any gadget you may buy (source). And yes, I’m fully aware you need money in order to travel, but that’s why low-cost airlines and regular-priced hotels exist.

And no, telling people who contemplate suicide (which is really never obvious, since it’s something that’s eating them from the inside) or anyone who complains about stuff in general that they “have everything” is NOT a good thing to do. Because it’s obvious that they DON’T have everything. Seriously, do you actually think that celebrities have everything? They have money and fame sure, but do you know what they also have? Stalkers, zero privacy, stupid people that spout s**t at them because…reasons, and quite possibly a very depressing back-story, as is the case with Chester and so many others. What these people don’t have is anyone’s guess, but I hate this shallow way of thinking in which if a person is rich and famous, he automatically must be happy.

Actually, telling anyone who complaing even a bit that they shouldn’t complain because they have it better than others is a seriously sh***y thing to do to anyone, regardless of their social status. You can’t possibly be happy all the time and there are some studies that actually state the fact that constantly being happy may be bad for you (source). People are allowed to complain. You want to know what the effect of telling someone not to complain is? He’ll probably end up feeling bad about complaining, then try to overlook all the s**t that happens to him at work or whatever, can’t do it because it’s really bad, then end up feeling even worse because of his inability to be happy in his current condition, which is deemed as a very good one by people who have NO IDEA WHAT THE PERSON IS GOING THROUGH!

There was this radio DJ from a local station I listen to that said that another things that might cripple an artists’ morale is reading hateful comments on the Internet from fans. I really don’t think that’s much of a big deal, at least for some artists. I mean I can’t imagine James Hetfield of Metallica or other rock or pop artists such as Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Sia etc giving two damn sh**s about what their haters say to them, but I guess it differs from one person to another. In Chester’s case, I think the backlash the band has recieved with the release of their latest album had gotten to him a lot more than one would expect, but with one of his best friends also killing himself earlier this year, I kind of understand why he might be taken aback by some negative reviews (the friend in question is Chris Cornell).

In the end (pun not intended), what I’m trying to say is that people need to rid themselves of the shallow way of thinking that money and fame are synonymous with happiness or that having the “dream job” of being a screw in a large company and getting screwed all the time equals happiness, becaue it doesn’t. Some people complain for the f**k of it, while others actually have legitimate reasons to complain. Next time, LISTEN, and DON’T JUDGE!

People who take themselves too seriously

It is a lovely afternoon. You are out at a bar with some of your friends and someone brings up a random topic of discussion. I say random because what I’m about to say relies very little on the topic of dicussion chosen. So, someone chooses a topic they’re passionate about and brings it into discussion.

Let’s say, for the sake of this post, that the topic is Dragon Ball Super and that the person is not a very big fan of it. Quite the contrary, the person thinks it’s very bad when compared to Dragon Ball Z, GT or the original Dragon Ball. I, as a fan of the series, beg to differ with the person’s opinion, but don’t insult him based on his views about DB Super. And the other person simply flips and gets mad because someone dared challenge his views and the other people at the table, me included, end up wishing we had Goku’s obliviousness and blissful ignorance for any and all human interactions.

I hate people who take themselves too seriously. I think it should top 3 in my medium sized list of thing that annoy me, but aside from number one, the other places change a lot, so let’s just say for the time being that I am annoyed with people who take themselves too seriously with regards to anything. You see it all the time, from your friends who want ALL the attention to be on them because they think they’re the only ones worthy of it to your smug ass coworker (or worse, team leader) who belives that just because he had a good day today means he’s the very best, like no one ever was before him or will be after him.

It’s even worse when said team leader starts adopting a tyrannical attitude towards the people they’re supposed to be leading, not beating. You’ve become a team leader, big whoop. It doesn’t give you the right to think you’re the be-all and end-all of team leaders or technical experts. There is always someone out there who will be better than you in some aspects, you know, aside from the ass-kissing one people like this usually use to become team leaders when their EQ and IQ are sorely lacking.

So people, seriously, stop believing yourselves to be the Alpha and the Omega of everything. You’re not, and the belief that you are makes you look like an arrogant little brat who cannot digest people not agreeing with you. You have a strong opinion about something? Good, no one says you can’t. You want to share it with others? Good, as long as it’s not political, for me anyway. If it’s political, I’ll just smile and wave until the neverending debate is over. But remember this. Once you share an opinion about something, there is a good chance that some people will disagree with it. It doesn’t make an opinion wrong, as opinions cannot be right or wrong. But when you’re in public, the reaction you have to a different opinion is the difference between a mature person or a childish person. Go ahead, flip that coin next time.