DB Super – Something something Transformers

Dragon Ball Super episode 120 aired today and it was a better one than the previous episode. You know how this goes, if you haven’t seen the episode and you don’t want to get spoiled, do not read beyond this first paragraph. So let.s begin.

The episode centers around the fight between Universe 7 and 3. It starts off tame, with the two Zenos noting that since more and more fighters are dropping out, the Tournament of Power is almost over. However, good old Grand Priest is there to tell them that, since we are in the final stages, the fights should in fact get better.

We then cut to the Universe 3 Supreme Kai and God of Destruction, who give the green light to their fighters to get serious. And of course, instead of going after Universe 11, they go after Universe 7, because none of these idiots seem to realize what happens when you do that. Ugh, anyhow, the robots of Universe 3 actually seem to be stronger than most of us thought and actually give Universe 7 a run for their money.

Viara is the first fighter of that Universe to get eliminated in this round and it’s all up to Panchia, Koitsukai and Bollarator, led by Paparoni to end the fight. The first 3 merge into an even bigger robot called Koichiarator (these names are so annoying).

Anyhow, this robot actually proves to be very strong and Gohan, who decided he actually wants to be useful and fight someone alone without Piccolo, steps in in order to allow Goku and Vegeta to recover their stamina. However, Koichiarator is more than capable of holding his own and Goku and Vegeta step in.

This proves to serve as decoy move to allow Gohan to gather enough energy, which he does, and fires a very strong blast towards Koichiarator which seems to eliminate him…up until we see Paparoni appear with what seems to be Koichiarator in the background, announcing his ultimate move, which judging by the preview, seems to be merging with Koichiarator himself.

All in all a better episode than the previous one, though not up to 118 levels of good. I was a bit surprised that Universe 3 lasted more than one episode in the fight with Universe 7, but I’m guessing they’re holding the 7-11 fight for next year. I actually liked the gimmick of Universe 3, much more than Universe 4 or others (you know, Universe 2). With 10 minutes to go, it seems it’s going to become intense. Either that or we get another rushed ending like the Future Trunks saga.


DB Super – Mouse traps

DB Super episode 119 aired today and for me at least it was a very VERY satisfying one. You know the drill by now. If you do not want to get spoiled, do not read beyond this first paragraph.

The episode picks up as usual with a review of the previous one and I was once again reminded how happy I was that Universe 2 is gone, because them showing up in the beginning of this episode annoyed me, even if it was brief. We then move on to Vegeta vs Katopesla, a fight which ends abruptly when the latter seemingly throws himself off the fighting arena.

Vegeta is a bit surprised by what he describes as a self-destruction move, but is then caught off guard and almost falls himself. Gohan shortly follows suit but is saved by Piccolo and all of a sudden we have an invisible foe targeting, you guessed it, Universe 7, because apparently everyone in this show is an idiot and doesn’t realize what happens when you target this Universe and your name is not Jiren.

The invisible foe is revealed to be Gamisaras of Universe 4 and thanks to Piccolo and Gohan who start blasting the stage in order to make him visible, his position on the stage is revealed and he is taken out. But then, another foe from the same Universe appears. His name is Shantza and his abilities include creating mirages of erased fighters which are then used as cover by Damon in order to fight Piccolo and Gohan and other Universe 7 fighters.

However, Piccolo picks up on this plan and knocks out Shantza. Universe 4 is down to one fighter and out beloved Universe 7 fighters believe him to be another invisible fighter. As a result, Piccolo is eliminated, because Damon is not another invisible fighter, he is actually a bug sized fighter, sort of like Ant-Man. Damon starts attacking other Universe 7 fighters up until Android 17 comes up with the idea of disabling his jumping areas in order to prevent him from fighting.

17 then manages to catch him in an energy ball and throws him out of the ring. And as a result, Universe 4 is gone, much to my delight, because I hated Quitela with a passion.

All in all, a not-so-spectacular episode which was only saved by the elimination of one of the most annoying Universes out there. Next time around, it appears that Universe 3 is starting to get serious as well. Whether or not they will be a one-episode wonder remains to be seen, but I don’t see them lasting too long.

DB Super – Bittersweet episode

Dragon Ball Super episode 118 aired yesterday and as the title suggests, it was a sad one. As usual, if you don’t want spoilers, don’t read beyond this first paragraph.

The episode picks up where we left off the previous week, with Goku being challenged by the remaining Universe 2 fighters and Gohan and Piccolo fighting against Saonel and Pirina of Universe 6. After an annoyingly slow first half of the episode where virtually nothing happens and the only thing worth noticing is the sarcastic way in which Androids 17 and 18 join Goku to fight the Universe 2 fighters, who undergo a transformation because of course they did. I mean seriously, I laughed my ass off at that moment.

The second half of the episode is much more intense, with the two important fights finally starting off. It is revealed that Saonel and Pirina have basically absorbed each and every living person on U6 Namek, which makes them stronger than Piccolo and Gohan have anticipated. This fight is actually pretty cool, with some very interesting team work between Gohan and Piccolo (the one people actually call his father for very obvious reasons). Gohan screws up a bit, forcing Piccolo to launch his Special Beam Canon early. However, Piccolo also admits that he was a bit taken aback by the two U6 Namekians, allowing himself to be overwhelmed by their spirit.

Elsewhere, the Universe 2 fighters unleash a pretty interesting attack, a sort of black hole like attack that kept increasing its gravity from what I can tell, the idea being of course to dig a hole so deep it would mean that Goku and the Androids would be out of bounds. Goku openly admits to being impressed by the power of love, but also states that he prefers guts instead. He then goes Blue and powers up a Kamehameha.

And this is where it gets really cool/throwbacky. Gohan and Goku are both powering up their Kamehameha waves at the same time, in what is a sort of nod to the Father-Son Kamehameha from the Cell Games. And of course, both waves hit, and all the remaining fighters of Universes 2 and 6 are eliminated.

Universe 2 is the first to go, not before another mention of the love bull of course…and then it gets emotional. The fighters of Universe 6, much like Universe 2 as well, take their defeat very well, with Caulifla keeping a promise she made earlier in the episode that she would wallop Saonel and Pirina if they lose. I mean it was pretty funny. Hit was the silent warrior we’ve known and loved. Cabba wished Vegeta good luck. And Champa…well, it was shown in the episode that Beerus, regardless of what he was saying, was a bit sad at the prospect of losing his brother. And when this happened, he was silent, and only barely gave Champa a glance as he made a GT Goku look at him. But you can tell he was sad in his own way. Funnily enough, it made sense that Champa would go this way. I don’t know if he was trying to comfort or taunt Beerus, but it made sense either way.

The episode ends with Vegeta being very pissed about the outcome of Universe 6. Which is understandable. What I found a bit unbelievable is that Katopesla, the guy who challenged just about everyone he could find, is STILL in this tournament. Maybe there is more to Universe 3 than meets the eye. Next time, it seems that Universe 4 finally enters the fight with their minuscule fighters, which should make for a pretty interesting episode.

DB Super – The deed has been done

DB Super episode 117 aired today and it was one that probably made a lot of people’s day. Even though you may have already figured out what it is, the spoiling starts in the next paragraph, so if you don’t want any spoilers, do not read beyond this first paragraph.

Like just about anyone on this planet, I was proven wrong. In some previous DB related posts, I talked about how Ribrianne might be in it for the long run. However, the writers had other ideas. The episode picks up where we left off, with Goku being challenged by the whole of Universe 2. Ribrianne and Rozie lead the fight, but before they could start battling Goku, Androids 17 and 18 intervene.

Ribrianne and Rozie start fighting them, while the other 3 stand next to Goku to prevent him from escaping. Android 18 has a bit of an ankle problem, but her brother fixes it before the upcoming fight.

In the meantime, Vegeta tries out Ultra Instinct by…standing like an idiot and allowing that Captain Planet knock-off from Universe 3 to punch him, this of course in the hopes of Veggie gaining the ability to let his body act on its own. But, in good old fashioned Vegeta style, he gets angry after about 10 punches and starts beating the guy up.

17 manages to kick out Rozie while 18 manages to knock Ribrianne out of her transformed state back into Brianne de Chateau (I hope I got it right). I find the parallel interesting because, way back in DBZ, Cell reverted to his second form by spitting out Android 18 and now Android 18 is the one to knock someone out of their transformed state.

However, thanks to some mumbo jumbo about love, Brianne becomes an enhanced version of Ribrianne. And by enhanced I mean larger. Brianne managed to catch 18 into some weird love trap beforehand. With Ribrianne now bigger than the fighting stage itself, 18 is about to give up, but she snaps out of it once she hears Krillin cheering for her and, to the delight of millions of fans, knocks Ribrianne out of the ring. Supreme Kai was overjoyed because of this victory, to the point where he annoyed 18, who scratches his cheek with a blast in order to shut him up.

So yeah, I was proven wrong, but I am not mad…not in the least. I mean I don’t mind female characters, but at least make them likable like Launch, or Bulma or Videl…or Caulifla and Kale before they became the idiots that challenged Goku and got kicked out of the ring in what is quite possibly my favorite moment in DB Super so far.

All in all, a pretty tame episode which was saved by the very good ending. As for the next one, it seems like it’s going to be very very intense, with many people, me included, speculating that there might be not one but TWO universes getting banned from the server. We\ll just have to wait and see what happens.

DB Super – Ultra Instinct is simply awesome

DB Super episode 116 aired yesterday and it was one of the best ones of this arc yet. You know the drill, if you don’t want spoilers, do not read beyond this first paragraph.

As I watch this show more and more I begin to think that everyone in it is a moron. And I’m being serious. And I say this because of two things. The first reason is of course Kefla (or Kafla, or whatever). A while back I made a post saying how Saiyans are hopeless, and the reasoning behind me saying that was Caulifla and Kale challenging Goku. Fastforward to the most recent episode, they both were sent flying out by Goku as the fused Kefla. We’ll get back to the second reason a bit later.

The episode picks off where we left off, with Goku reawakening the Ultra Instinct form, with a twist. This time around, he’s fully aware of it, unlike the fight with Jiren, where it seems to me that Goku was unaware of what he was doing. After a lot of talk from several Gods and Kais, Goku and Kafla start fighting.

And fans should now rejoice, because Kafla was not able to land a single punch on Goku in UI form, as was expected. The fight itself was pretty awesome and one of the more interesting things we learn is that Goku can utilize Ultra Instinct perfectly while defending. However, when it comes to attacking, there is still a bit of work to be done. And there is also the fact that it drains his stamina pretty quickly. Meanwhile, Jiren wakes up to observe this fight while the fight between Vegeta and Topps ends before it really begins. I also loved how the Zenos were both like “Goku went bwaaah!”. I laughed so hard at that one.

Kafla tries her best to best Goku but ultimately fails, when Goku fires what is to me the third best Kamehameha wave of the entire DB series (bested only by the one against King Piccolo and the Instant Transmission one against Cell), by using Kafla’s beam as a support in order to dodge it. And with that, Kafla is gone.

And now we arrive at the second reason I think everyone in this show is a moron. Champa tells the two Namekians of U6 that the fait of their Universe is in their hands. What do the 2 Namekians reply? “Don’t worry chief, we will beat the U7 warriors”. These two need to go hide under a rock and wait for Jiren, Goku and the others to get themselves eliminated and hopefully win by numbers, NOT challenge a Universe that is clearly comprised of fighters leagues above those of U6 besides Hit and Kafla, who were both eliminated.

Yeah…the fighters of U6 are idiotic to say the least. Kafla could have easily dispatched of everyone but Goku, Vegeta and Freeza from U7 if she hadn’t been the result of a fusion between an overly confident Caulifla and a very enthusiastic and naive Kale. Guess that’s how Saiyan biology works though.

All in all a very very good episode, Ultra Instinct is really a cool concept. Next time it appears that the fighters of Universe 2 try to gang on Goku to eliminate him, but #17 and #18 step in and take the fight to them. I’m hopeful we will see some of the fighters of Universe 2 get eliminated because, just like Geekdom101 said in one of his videos, the joke has been running for too much time now.

DB Super – 5 things worth overthinking

With the Tournament of Power entering the second half, more and more subtle things have been added to the show or to the Dragon Ball Universe. And I thought it would be a good idea to go through them and overthink them a bit because…why not. No spoilers in this post, at least not from future episodes, so you should be good.

1. The Super Dragon Balls and the link with U6 and U7

The Super Dragon Balls are the prize for the winner of this whole ordeal but one question popped into my head the other day. These Super Dragon Balls are located in U6 and U7. What happens when one of them will be inevitably erased? Do the Super Dragon Balls still work? I mean…I don’t remember anyone gathering them before the Tournament began, though I may be wrong on this one. However, the question of them working once U6 or U7 leaves the server still remains.

2. The Grand Priest and his fear of Spirit Bombs

This scene I saw mentioned by someone on Youtube. In the 1 hour special, Goku creates a Spirit Bomb and upon seeing this, the GP creates a shield to protect him and the Zenos from it. If my knowledge is correct, the Spirit Bomb only works on evil beings, at least that’s how it was marketed way back in the Saiyan Saga, so why would the GP and Zenos need protection? Especially the Zenos, who are supposedly the two Gods on top of the Omniverse.

3. U2 (the Universe, not the band) are more important to this story than people give them credit for

Think of it like this…which Universes have had the most screen time so far? Well, it’s been U7 and U6 obviously…but afterwards come U11 and U2. Is it a coincidence? It very well might be, but just remember, all these Universes are pairs…or sister Universes or whatever you want to call them. And another fun fact is that U7 and U6 are both part of the same pair, as are U11 and U2. As to how Universe 2 will feature in this fight from now on, I don’t really know, but I suspect it might have something to do with taking down Jiren.

4. The Tournament of Power Climax figures

Dragon Ball Super has a history of teasing story developments through toys. They did it with Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan Rose. And now we have this set of toys that revealed Goku, Gohan, Hit and an unknown fighter called the Tournament of Power Climax. However, with Hit out of the picture, I don’t know if it still has any relevance on the story. And yeah, I personally believe Hit is out of this Tournament. Him suddenly reappearing later on would be the greatest asspull in the history of this show, and that’s saying a lot.

5. What to do with Freeza

Freeza’s return has been glorious and this begs the question…what do you do with him now? I mean you can’t just erase him, that would be to underwhelming and let’s be real, it’s Freeza, he’s not going away forever, he’s by far the most loved villain by the creators of this show and by a good part of the fanbase. However, this begs the question of how one can handle his return till the end, because I really don’t see how he can get his wish of becoming the ruler of the Omniverse, even though that would be so awesome. And there’s only so many things he can have up his sleeve.

So yeah, these are my thoughts on some of the more subtle things I don’t see people thinking about or ovethinking them in my case. At the moment I’m really curious what they’re gonna do with the fight between Goku and Kefla, because it seems Kefla is strong enough to do some real damage.

DB Super – Can we make THAT guy canon?

Dragon Ball Super episode 114 aired today and it was quite a fun ride. It all picks up where we left off last time with Goku fighting against Kale and Caulifla. As usual, if you don’t want to be spoiled, to not read beyond the first paragraph. Ready? Let’s go!

The episode picks up where we left off with Goku vs Kale and Caulifla and this is the general theme of the whole episode. Kale is in her Berserk form at the start of the episode, but she can’t control her power and doesn’t know who Caulifla is, until she talk to Kale, who then manages to control her newly (lost and) found power. The two of them then start to fight Goku with…great success actually.

Elsewhere, Freeza is randomly shooting some rays towards…opponents I guess, until he is met by someone from Universe 3 (I forgot his name), who seems to be in an organization similar to Jaco’s. Anyhow, we get another sort of Doctor Rota moment with the Space Patrol guy from Universe 3 wanting to show off his Battle Mode or something and getting interrupted by the 3 Saiyans. Freeza, ever the lovable d**k, wants to fight against Kale and Caulifla, but is stopped by Goku and then has to deal with that Universe 3 guy by…ignoring him completely.

Goku is a bit overwhelmed, that is until he goes Super Saiyan God and starts easily handling any and all attacks from the 2 U6 Saiyans. Caulifla ends up getting hit by one of Goku’s blasts and the two seem to be in a tricky situation, until they pull out their trump card, which has the form of two Potara earrings. Enter Kefla, who as you might expect seems insanely powerful, judging by the fact that Goku seems worried.

What I loved about this episode is the fact that they showed Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan God some love because as much as I love Blue, I was getting tired of it because it was really overused. Also worth noting is the fact that Dyspo seems to have trouble in finding a way to fight Freeza and that Vegeta and Toppo are still going at it. Jiren on the other hand seems to be cool with the powers shown by Goku and Kefla, even though he did twitch a bit when the fusion happened.

All in all a very fun episode, I seriously don’t get the hate for Kale and Caulifla, I mean I don’t think I ever say this much hate for Goten and Trunks getting Super Saiyan so easily and Gotenks getting Super Saiyan 3 out of nowhere. I loved those moments, I love these moments as well. Also, with Kefla now a thing, could this be a chance for making Gogeta a thing? Not necessarily for this fight but honestly, at this moment, does anyone see any solution to the Jiren problem? Other than Ultra Instinct, which hasn’t been mentioned for quite some time. That would be so lit, I mean what can I say, I just love fusions. Vegito doesn’t seem possible since Goku and Vegeta do not have Potara earrings on them, as far as we know anyway. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.