DB Super – Let’s talk about Broly

December is but 2 months away. And aside from watching Home Alone for the umpteenth time, unwrapping presents and generally enjoying what is best described as the Friday of the months, another thing to look forward to is the release of the much anticipated DB Super movie about Broly.

Now the news about him have been out for quite a while. We’ve even had 2 trailers. And I haven’t gotten around to talking about them because of a lack of time (I wasn’t recovering from DB Super ending…not at all).

Anyhow, this movie is basically going to be about Saiyan history. It picks up after the Tournament of Power, timeline wise, but we will also get a look at a somewhat re-written version of the Saiyan race history.

I mean it seems Akira has made Goku, Vegeta and Broly about the same age, which was only true-ish when it came to Goku and Broly (even though Broly was not canon up until this point). Another aspect that has changed is with regards to Bardock. Up until now, what we knew about him is that he rebelled against Freeza, with the emperor even acknowledging this during the Namek saga. But now, it seems that his role is changed to Kal-El-ing Goku to Earth, along with Gine, who makes her first appearance in the anime.

Yeah yeah, Dragon Ball Minus is considered the canon version of events, I know. It’s just…it kinda takes away from the badassery of Bardock. Who knows, maybe he has a bigger role than what we’ve seen in the trailer.

Another cool aspect is that it seems Vegeta learns that Beerus was ok/ordered the destruction of his home planet. If this is actually in the movie, then it should make for a very cool plot point, both in the movie and in a potential future series.

And finally, Broly has a decent backstory. Or at least that’s what it looks like from the trailer. There was also an idea that HE will appear in the movie. I’m not gonna spoil who HE is, since it’s not confirmed. Let’s just say that the possibility has raised my hype quite a bit.

All in all, a pretty good build-up and I can safely say that I will probably enjoy the movie when it will appear. Here’s hoping no big spoilers appear beforehand.


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