DB Super – The ending I never knew I needed

DB Super episode 131 aired today and it was way beyond what I expected. You know how this works, don’t want spoilers, don’t read beyond the first paragraph. Now, let’s begin.

The episode starts off a bit differently, with no intro being played. Instead, we pick up where we left off, with Goku almost depleted of energy lying on a rock and #17 and Freeza having to battle Jiren. At first, Jiren seems to be able to overpower themm, up until Freeza starts taunting him about being weaker than before and about his past. This of course touches some of Jiren’s nerves, but being weakened he isn’t able to do much against Freeza, who manages to break away from Jiren’s attack, a move which allows #17 to hit him with a very effective almost point blank shot.

Jiren is down and Freeza is about to eliminate him, up until Toppo decides to take an actual likable role for once and starts encouraging Jiren, who manages to pull himself up and launches one final attack. Freeza is knocked out of his Golden form by it and he and #17 are unable to do much against the attack. Goku then joins in with whatever resources he had left and, in a move similar to the Family Kamehameha from the second Broly movie, the 3 of them manages to stop Jiren’s attack.

What follows is an very good sequence of fighting scenes, with a wounded Jiren going all out against the 3 remaining U7 fighters. Goku and Freeza form the unlikeliest of duos (a move which leaves Vegeta in a state of nausea) and sacrifice themselves to eliminate Jiren, making him finally understand trust really means. This leaves #17 as the sole winner of the Tournament. Who would have thought that…

Jiren is congratulated by his teammates and asks how are they still able to praise him after having treated them with contempt the entire time. Goku then pops in to tell Jiren he wants to meet again sometime. And then U11 is erased.

The focus quickly moves to the wish, as the Grand Priest prepares the Super Dragon Balls (which apparently do work even if U6 was erased). And seeing the Dragon once again is a very cool scene itself, much better than the previous time. #17 is informed by the two Zenos that he can wish for anything he wants. And after a brief look at Goku, he asks for all the erased Universes to be restored. Everyone is shocked at this decision. The 2 Zenos ask him if he is sure about the wish, #17 confirms and the Grand Priest washes away any and all doubts about his motives and promptly states the wish.

We then visit each Universe, starting with U6 and Champa being ever the thankful brother by not thanking Beerus (but we all know he is grateful). Kale and Caulifla (mostly Caulifla) promptly ask a very emotional Cabba to train with them in order to become Super Saiyan 3, while the other U6 warriors just remain silent. We then move on to U10 where we see a very peaceful and grateful Gowasu. And then we see each and every other Universe up until we reach U11. Jiren and Toppo are having a bro talk, with Toppo stating that even though Jiren has allowed his past to haunt him way too much, he was able to form a connection with others during his final fight. It’s really amazing how a few lines of dialogue have made me like both Toppo and Jiren way more than before.

We then move back to the fighting arena, where everyone is happy, which prompts Freeza to say he wants to be taken back to Hell because he just can’t stand all these happy feelings. However, Whis appears and resurrects him (yeah…Whis can do that apparently) as a gift from Beerus. Freeza gladly accepts this gift, all the while stating that he will not give up his evil ways. However, with Goku there to keep him in check, I think U7 is good.

We also learn the fact that everything would have been gone if the wish made would have been a selfish one. The whole idea that the GP and the Zenos had was to see if mortals can change, according to Whis, which is a very interesting twist on the tale, linking it very well with the themes from the Goku Black arc.

The episode ends with a short montage of scenes from after the Tournament, a scene where Freeza is gathering his army once again and a nice teaser for the movie set to be released in December of this year.

All in all, a truly amazing send-off for the series in my book. I never expected to like it this much and this is one of those examples where the right dialogue lines make all the difference. I disliked Toppo both before and after episode 125 until this episode. I kinda sorta started disliking Jiren as well, up until this episode where he showed emotions which humanized him so much. Also, I’m glad Freeza’s return was not wasted. And while still evil, I’m pretty confident he won’t be challenging the Z-Fighters any time soon. I’m hoping he will have his own thing, but in a more anti-hero way rather than a villain way. And yeah, the ending of this show makes it almost certain that Dragon Ball is gonna go on after the movie from December, be it with more movies or with another series.


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