DB Super – Fourier levels of mixed feelings

DB Super episode 130 aired yesterday and it was kind of a mixed bag for me. You know how this works. If you haven’t seen it and don’t want spoilers (I will probably be referencing some spoilers which were out for a few days), don’t read beyond this first paragraph.

The episode revolves around the fight between Jiren and Goku, with some useless dialogue from the others in the beginning of the episode. And fighting wise, this episode was great. And I mean GREAT. And it was also nice to see Jiren show some emotion for a change.

However, I do have my gripes with this episode. First off, it seems Toei and Akira are trying too hard to make viewers hate Jiren. I mean I was as shocked as anyone when he fired that blast towards the stand in order to prove a point to Goku. I don’t know what he was expecting to accomplish given that you had 12 Angels and 6 Gods of Destruction there but hey, when you’re under a lot of stress, you do crazy things.

Second, Mastered Ultra Instinct is awesome and all, no denying that. But when oh when is Goku going to learn to applu his own lessons to his fighting? And if you can’t figure out what I’m talking about, I’m referring to the many times Goku’s villains (or Goku himself) have learned new forms that drain stamina and said people refuse to end the battle in a timely manner and end up losing. See also the Ressurection F arc when Freeza first turned Golden.

Back to the fight, as I’ve said, I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was beautifully animated and very intense, especially when Goku fell out of MUI. At first I didn’t know what happened as it looked like someone shot him with an energy beam, but Whis explained it promptly. And I love how Jiren sort of hesitated to knock Goku out after realising what happened. I think for all his stubborness, Jiren is changing. I mean yeah, he couldn’t turn a full 180 and when he finally realized he could win he didn’t hesitate in trying to eliminate Goku, but I think he is changing into a better person.

The episode ends with Goku almost falling out of the arena and getting saved by Freeza again…and with a comeback I didn’t see coming. #17 is still here people. And while this takes away from him sacrifice a little bit, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t glad to see him back. One of the overlooked things in this Tournament is how well #17 and Freeza have gotten along so far. I don’t know why, but I get the feeling Freeza likes and respects #17 more than people realize. Someone said in a Youtube comment that this might be because #17 doesn’t really judge him and treats him as a genuine fighting partner rather than a foe. Of course, I may be looking too much into this, but it’s good to see them fight alongside in the next episode.

All in all, a very intense episode, with a few drawbacks that I’ve already discussed. However, it did succeed in creating many interesting plots which…may or may not be resolved in the next episode. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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