DB Super – How much further beyond again?

DB Super episode 129 aired yesterday and I’d be lying if I’d deny the fact that it got me hyped for the series finale. You know how this works. If you don’t want spoilers, do not read beyond this first paragraph.

The episode picks up with the fight between Goku and Jiren, with Freeza still desperately trying to pull an LR in Dokkan Battle (or something of the sorts I presume). We do get a little tease of the two Zenos looking at their Godpads, but we only get to see Jiren and Goku, with no mention of the (almost wasted return of) the Emperor.

Goku is able to dodge a lot of Jiren’s attacks, up until he seemingly runs out of stamina for the 1200th time in this arc and seems to be a goner. Belmod, who seems to have been binge-watching Netflix instead of paying attention to this damn Tournament (can’t say I blame him) promptly declares that Goku is done (you know, again) and proclaims that Jiren is going to win. Marcarita also displays some of the same obliviousness later on, so maybe it’s a trait.

Vegeta then promptly interferes and tells Belmod to shut the fudge up and points out the obvious fact that Saiyans surpassed their limits several times during this Tournament…most notably literally 2 freaking minutes ago…when Vegeta eliminated Toppo…you clueless clown.

Ugh, anyway, Goku snaps out of it and starts somewhat retaliating against Jiren. Whis promptly states that Goku is doing this on purpose, trying to figure out how to attack without thinking too much, the same way he defends. However, Jiren’s continuous attacks are very ferocious until Goku comes close to either being hit by them or losing his footing and then getting eliminated.

Jiren prepares his final attack, everyone in the U7 stands is freaking out until Beerus echoes my thoughts and tells everyone to shut up and watch. Belmod of course thinks this is Beerus making peace with getting erased. Whis and Vegeta then both give some knowing smiles, because Vegeta’s prophecy from a few seconds earlier comes to pass. Goku attains the Mastered Ultra Instinct form, destroys Jiren’s attack and starts attacking Jiren with some fierce moves of his own. I may have my issues with Super, but this is hands down one of the best, if not the best, awakening scenes in this entire series.

Jiren then smiles himself and starts powering up as well. The episode ends with these two facing off and getting ready to fight to the limit in the next episode. As I’ve said, no word on Freeza yet. At this point, he’s either gonna make a bold move in episode 131 or his return has been a complete waste, despite the majestic re-entrance. I guess it’s up to Toei and Akira to flip that coin.

All in all, a tame first half of the episode is fixed by an extremely thrilling second half. With 2 episodes left (2 week break again, don’t forget), there are only a handful of ways this could end. I still think it’s going to be the predictable way and if it’s not the case, at least I’ll be surprised.


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