DB Super – Willpower and trust

DB Super episode 128 aired yesterday and it was full of feels. You know how this works, right? If you don’t want spoilers, don’t read beyond this first paragraph. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s kickstart this review.

The episode picks up with Goku and Vegeta down for the count after realizing that #17 had indeed destroyed himself in order for them to finish the job. Goku can’t even stand while Vegeta manages to pull himself up and challenge Jiren once again. Meanwhile, Freeza is somewhere else, either taking a nap, trying to summon himself on Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle or learning FighterZ combos…your guess is as good as mine.

Anyhow, Vegeta attempts to tranform…but he has nothing left. The only thing keeping him going is the sheer willpower to keep his promise to Cabba and to save his family from being deleted. Jiren of course has no trouble in punching and kicking Vegeta around. However, Vegeta keeps coming back for more, because his pride and his loved ones simply won’t let him give up. It is very cool to see all these thoughts Vegeta is having, which begs the question of why the writers can’t let him be the main hero for one saga (looking at you Ressurection F). But Jiren is unphased and almost kicks Vegeta out. However, the Saiyan Prince manages to hold on by a mere piece of rock (when I saw that scene, I thought to myself how cool it would have been if Freeza saved him).

However, Vegeta still manages to pull himself up one last time, but can’t even hurt Jiren’s gloves and is knocked out. Before falling off the stage though, he sends his remaining energy to Goku, who manages to stand and even power up to Super Saiyan Blue (hey, if it worked against Broly, who am I to complain).

Goku then starts fighting Jiren, but somehow manages to take a beating as worse as Vegeta’s. And of course, the Gods of Destruction believe that this fight is over…until Goku remembers all his friends and team mates put his trust in him, all of them are cheering him from the stand…and unlocks Ultra Instinct for the thrid time (the unmastered form). And I know I said it was predictable and I stand by that…but I so love this form. Goku then manages to hit Jiren in the stomach in a move that actually hurt the guy pretty badly and the episode ends with this cliffhanger.

Now before we end this, let’s talk a little bit about Jiren. I think this guy is one of those characters who was actually ruined by…giving him character traits. Seriously, up until a few episodes ago he was just this weirdly strong guy who we knew nothing about and, while a bit boring in itself, it actually kept me interested in finding out more about him. And when I did, it actually ruined the character. I mean yeah, I get the generic backstory and I don’t mind it, but he went also kind of became a jackass in my eyes, especially after kind of realizing he’s…really generic. Strong, arrogant, uses everyone for his own personal gain. Now I don’t know if this is done solely for the purpose of viewers not feeling bad about him getting defeated, but it feels like a wasted opportunity (or character if you will), just another addition to one of the many wasted opportunities of this show.

All in all, an emotional episode which kept me invested until the end. The next episode seems to be all about mastering Ultra Instinct as the one last final ultimate super final battle begins. The next episode apparently is in March, so no episode this week.


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