DB Super – It’s getting…weak and predictable

DB Super episode 127 aired yesterday and it left me with mixed feeling for reasons I’m about to discuss below. You know how this works, if you don’t want spoilers, don’t read beyond the first paragraph.

The episode picks up with Jiren powering up and then proceeding to destroy both Goku and Vegeta, who are unable to do much against him. We then see Freeza rise from the ruble on the stage and his attempt to kill Jiren, which of course fails miserably. Android #17 then steps in, but even his barriers are falling short of actually doing anything. However, he does manage to land a hit on Jiren, because Jiren can’t sense his energy and he was able to sneak up on him. The idea of course is that Jiren is vulnerable when his guard is down (is that really any surprise?).

After some fighting scenes, we are then treated to a little bit of backstory, when Belmod asks #17 what he will do with the Dragon Balls should he win. #17 promptly responds that he wants to go on a cruise with his family, so his wish is basically that boat. Belmod watches in disbelief and #17 then asks Jiren what he would wish for. Jiren hints at something and then Belmod proceeds to tell the story of Jiren. His basckstory is basically the same as Batman’s, Luke Skywalker’s and so on, with some evil doer that has killed his parents.

We then learn that Jiren is saved by a martial arts teacher if I understand correctly and he then starts trying to get stronger and stronger in order to fight the evil doer that killed his parents. However, this fails miserably and Jiren’s teacher, along with most of his followers are also killed. Jiren then still wants to get stronger, but the people that have followed him up until that point decide to give up on him.

The moral of the story is that strength is absolue, strenght is everything, something something. Anyhow, Jiren promptly tells Belmod to shut up and the fighting resumes. #17 then begins to call Jiren out for being kind of a prick for using the Pride Troopers for his own gain and it seems to annoy our somewhat still boring antagonist, who ups his game even more.

With Goku and Vegeta down for the count (their attacks useless and Jiren managing to kick them into the ground quite badly), as well as Freeza, it’s all up to #17 to buy a little bit of time for Goku and Vegeta. He tells them that he gave up on his boat and that they could thank him later. Afterwards, he starts putting up a barrier between them and Jiren’s attack. However, because the attack is too strong, #17 decides to blow himself up Vegeta style in order to destroy the attack. MVP, for one last time, in a move that took me quite a bit by surprise.

The next episode seems like a redo of the Kid Buu ending, with Vegeta buying time for Goku to recover. However, based on the preview, Vegeta is fighting on will power alone and Jiren is simply toying with him.

Before we end the review, let’s talk about some flaws that gave me the mixed feelings. First off, I’m happy that we have a backstory for Jiren, I only wish they would have went with a less generic one. Having someone as strong as Superman but with Batman’s backstory seemed like a good idea, but something was missing. Secondly, Jiren felt weak in this episode. I mean come on, I loved #17’s performance in this Tournament, he was a very welcome surprise to the whole Goku feat. Vegeta show, but being able to hold his own against Jiren in a fist duel seems a bit forced. Third of all, Jiren understood that strength is absolute and that emotions hinder you. If that is the case, what the fudge nuggets is up with him calling Toppo pathetic for basically giving up in his emotions for strength and then congratulating Vegeta for NOT giving up on his emotions and gaining strength? I know there are different writers for each episode but come on. And finally, I’m a bit annoyed that the outcome seems to be the predictable one that most people thought of months ago:

  1. Jiren too OP
  2. Goku too weak
  3. Suddenly UI, a form which even freaking Gods of Destruction can’t handle properly
  4. ???
  5. Profit! Also Goku beats Jiren

Now I may be wrong on this one, but we’ll see. What I’m trying to say is that there was so much wasted potential. I’m only hoping Freeza does something until the end of the Tournament.

All in all, I did enjoy parts of the episode and as I said, I am glad we have a little bit of backstory on Jiren. With 4 episode left, the chanes of the predictable ending I’ve mentioned increase. I’m still hoping for some sort of twist to the tale, but it seems increasingly unlikely.


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