DB Super – Um…half meh and half amazing?

Dragon Ball Super episode 126 aired today and it was a bit of a mixed back which luckily ended on a high note. If you haven’t seen the episode and don’t want spoilers, do not read beyond this first paragraph.

The episode picks up with episode 125’s ending, scene by scene, with Toppo crushing Freeza’s skull and attempting to eliminate him, only for #17 to save Freeza with a rock. Toppo and #17 then start fighting, with this our MVP Android putting up a good fight, but sadly to no avail, even after he attempted to drown Toppo in rocks.

As their fight continues and Toppo escapes said rock drowning and begins to fire a bunch of blasts at #17, Freeza miraculously recovers after being knocked out and claims that this was his plan all along. I find this VERY hard to believe and a bit ridiculous but hey, who am I to judge. I still don’t know how he recovered so fast (I’m gonna go with plot).

Freeza then traps Toppo by using his paralysis attack (which he also used on Goku way back in the Namek arc) but as expected Toppo manages to break out of it and once again attempts to eliminate Freeza, who is once again saved by #17. Toppo starts letting his asspull…I mean new found powers get to his head and starts getting cocky (yes yes, I know it was stated that he was a candidate God of Destruction way before the Tournament even began…at least I think, at least I knew about it).

Anyhow, Toppo is interrupted by the Jiren vs Goku and Vegeta fight and during this fight we actually see Jiren get a bit annoyed with our lovable Saiyans. Toppo then challenges Vegeta and this is where the episode starts getting very very good and intense. Vegeta notes that for a guy who preached justice he sure turned 180, with Toppo arguing that is was the only way for the Universe to survive.

And this is what I love about this fight. We get to see two completely different fighting ideologies. On the one hand we have Toppo who gave up everything, including his own pride and beliefs for the sake of the Universe and on the other we have Vegeta, who would rather castrate himself than give up on his Saiyan heritage and pride. And when all seemed lost for the Prince, his fighting ideology get him back in the game and he manages to power through Hakai energy (how or why he is able to do that is not explained yet) and land a few very decent hits on Toppo. The climax of this battle is between Toppo’s Hakai energy and Vegeta’s Final Explosion (in what is Z callback number 312, this time to the Majin Buu saga).

Vegeta’s attack is successful and he also manages to stay alive, unlike the Buu saga. Toppo is down for the count and Jiren is not too pleased. Honestly, one of the more underrated scenes of this episode are the ones in which Jiren calls Toppo pathetic and then knocks Goku out of SSB (Goku who is STILL oblivious to the stakes of this Tournament). The episode ends with Jiren powering up and smiling for the first time which, in essence, means that sh*t is about to go down for real.

All in all, an entertaining episode, even though the first half was kind of meh for the most part. The second part more than makes up for it and to be honest, I wasn’t really a fan of Toppo, mostly because all he did was spam Hakai balls everywhere like he was playing DB FighterZ and finally learned a sick move AND he also didn’t to jack with all his new found abilities. Seriously, I get why Jiren is pissed. And I also found it awesome that Jiren actually congratulated Vegeta because he stuck to his beliefs when gaining his new powers. Jiren seems like he’d want to switch Universes at this point. Next week it’s going to be about Goku, Vegeta and #17 vs Jiren, with Freeza laying low once again. And it makes me wonder if after all is said and done we will learn just what strange activities did #17 take part while ranging the sh*t out of parks and islands.


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