DB Super is ending – thoughts and wants

The news that Dragon Ball Super is ending have been out for the better part of a fortnight, so I think it’s about time I talked about this. First off, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, it is not a hiatus, Dragon Ball Super as a series is ending. I personally think a new series might air starting next year, but that’s just something I want rather than something I know will happen. The reason for it ending is so that the animation crew can focus on the DB movie that should be appearing sometime in December of 2018.

Now that we got that our of the way, let’s discuss this ending of the series. We have I believe 6 episodes left and a lot of stuff to wrap up. We also have a series of questions, some of which will definitely get an answer while some may very well not. So, let’s start than, shall we?

1. Will Universe 7 survive this whole ordeal?

Most likely yes because remember, we are still in the years prior to the ending of DBZ, Uub was referenced in an earlier episode and every one of our main characters was there. That’s not to say they are going to be the winners of the Tournament, but either in DBS or in another movie/series we will learn that everything is fine and dandy.

2. Is it gonna be the cop-out ending some fear?

The Grand Priest let it slip in episode 124 that next time he will make sure that the Godpad used by the two Zenos will undergo an important upgrade so as to allow them to see fast fights on it, which got me thinking about how we MIGHT get the boring and expected ending of every Universe coming back somehow. Now I wouldn’t mind for Universes 3, 6 and 11 to come back. The others? I don’t really care that much about them.

3. Do the Super Dragon Balls still work now that U6 is gone?

I’ve talked about this one in a previous post and I do believe MasakoX talked about it in one of his videos as well but very few people wonder about this. The Super Dragon Balls were part of Universe 6 and 7 and now that Universe 6 is gone, along with everything that was part of it, the mystery behind this remains, at least for me. Plus, I don’t think they were actually shown to the fighters before this Tournament so…what’s up with that?

4. Is Hit still in the Tournament of Power?


5. Does the Grand Priest still have a hidden agenda?

I don’t know, this one remains to be seen after the end of the Tournament, but I still think there is something wrong with this guy.

These are some of the things I would like to be answered before the series ends, along with a somewhat decent finale (you know, like the Trunks Saga, but the opposite of that) which ties in at least some of the loose ends regarding Jiren (you know, a bit of background on him), Vegeta’s new transformation, The Grand Priest’s plans if any and at least an episode where Freeza does something other than gloat or get beaten down.

I know it’s asking much for 6 episodes and I do fear that the ending might feel rushed again but…you know, one can still hope.


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