DB Super – Why is it ending again?

DB Super episode 125 aired today and to my great surprise and enjoyment, the trend of good episodes is still going strong (albeit this one annoyed me a bit, for reasons which I shall describe below). You know how this works right? Don’t want spoilers, don’t read beyond this first paragraph.

The episode starts off with the fight between Goku and Vegeta against Jiren, but aside from some banter between the two and a very cool move they tried on him with Goku doing a Raditz like maneuver and Vegeta trying to knock them both off with a Final Flash (which didn’t do squat), nothing new over there.

We then move to the fight between #17 and Toppo, which is the main focus of this episode (which further proves my point that episodes can be good even if Goku is not the main center of attention). Toppo is having a bit of a hard time trying to eliminate #17 because of our lovable Android’s limitless energy gimmick, but figures out a weakness in #17’s infinite ki blasts move and tries to exploit it.

We are then treated to a beam struggle similar to the one between Gohan and Cell, which is interrupted by Freeza who starts shooting beams at Toppo. Freeza then takes it to the next level and fires an energy blast which, combined with #17’s energy blast seemingly eliminates Toppo, until Whis notices that he is not in the stands.

The following scenes are some of the best from Super, with Toppo giving up on his Justice gimmick and embracing the powers of a God of Destruction. However, they are also very annoying for two reasons.

First off, Toppo, in typical Dragon Ball fashion, does what ANY character of this show does best and acts like a bloody idiot by shooting a freaking Hakai energy blast at Freeza, which COULD have destroyed him and have gotten Toppo eliminated SECONDS after he unlocked his new power.

And second of all, wasn’t there a rule in place about not allowing Gods of Destruction to participate? And I don’t want to hear the whole “he’s just a candidate” excuse, nor the “Vegeta and Goku are also technically Gods” excuse. Vegeta and Goku know how to tap in to God power but they do NOT possess the same skills as Beerus. And Toppo, while only a candidate, seemingly has the exact same abilities as Belmod, who IS a G.o.D. But hey, the Zen-Ohs like it so it’s cool, right?

Anyhow, Freeza, the arrogant idiot that he is, tries to take on that Hakai blast with only one hand, but is seemingly destroyed by it, while the fighting stage breaks in half. Someone should really check the quality department of the Kachi-Kachin (or whatever the material of which the fighting stage is made called) factory because it needs an overhaul. This is NOT how the hardest known material in all the Multiverse should behave.

After that, Toppo sets his eyes on #17, who manages to outwit him until the end of the episode. We also learn that Freeza survived the blast, but is then knocked unconscious by Toppo and almost knocked out of the ring, but is saved by #17. #17 also comes up with a plan to outlast Toppo for 6 more minutes until the Tournament ends, but it remains to be seen if that works.

All in all, a good episode which kept me entertained until the very end. The next episode promises to be exciting as well, with Vegeta entering the fight with Toppo. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how that pans out.


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