Music fan elitism

Let’s pick a not random song, say “Lived a Lie” by You Me At Six. I would never have heard of this song had it not been for, you might have guessed it, FIFA 14. Try reading the comments section of this song on Youtube and you’ll be reading a lot of comments from pretentious people saying things like “Am I the only one who’s here because of the fact that I like YMA6?” or “My good taste brought me here, not FIFA” or “true music fans know this song not because of FIFA, but because they’re fans” and so on.

Listen up, pretentious ones. Aren’t you the same people who are always going ON AND ON about how the music YOU like should be more popular? Well, what do you think putting a song on the soundtrack of one of the most popular franchises in history does? You guessed it, it makes it MORE POPULAR!!! Seriously, I don’t get this and at this point all I can do is laugh…well, more likely snort, but you get the idea.

My two favorite bands are Rise Against and Avenged Sevenfold and I would never have heard of them had it not been for Need For Speed Underground 2 and Need For Speed Most Wanted (the good one from 2005…we don’t talk about the other one). Or, I would have heard of them, but much much later down the road.

Knowing of a band not because of a video game but because of some other scenario where someone mentioned it or showed it to you does not make you a truer music fan, if that is even a valid expression. Nor are you a truer music fan by blindly supporting a band even though their latest album sucks. And yeah, opinions change, my opinion of Avenged Sevenfold’s The Stage album (not single, that one I still don’t like) has changed drastically in the last few weeks, but we’ll talk about it in another post.

It is perfectly fine for people to learn about a band from a video game and I’m pretty confident that bands love it when their songs are chosen for games because it helps them reach more fans who would otherwise not know they exist. And this serves your exact damn purpose of having “good music” become more popular, if that is actually what you want because at this point, I don’t even know anymore.

Just enjoy your damn music and let people be happy because they learned about it from FIFA, Need For Speed, Burnout or whatever…it’s really not that hard and it does help in you at least appearing as the mature music fan you desperately want to make people believe you are.


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