DB Super – So, it’s for kids, eh?

Dragon Ball Super episode 98 aired yesterday and it was one of the most intense ones yet. If you haven’t seen it, then be warned of spoilers and as usual, do not read beyond this first paragraph if you don’t want this episode spoiled.

With the Tournament of Power finally getting to a start the previous episode, this one picks up where the other one left off, with Goku being surrounded by the U9 fighters. The whole episode is very focused on the guys from U9, with Goku, Vegeta and Freeza taking turns in fighting with them. Well, in Freeza’s case, not so much as fighting, rather…flailing angrily, but hey, it still counts.

So Goku starts fighting these guys, but having to stay in base form so as to conserve stamina, taking on 8-9 fighters at a time is actually hard. Vegeta, having finally stopped punching the same guy over and over again apparently, joins in and helps his best-buddy in combat.

And holy Dragon Balls was their fight awesome. With the U9 fighters coming up with various techniques, Vegeta almost getting cut in half by some Wolverine-like claws, Vegeta getting his hand frozen by one of the fighters but still managing to hold his own fairly well. And don’t get me started on the Trio de Dangers 3-beam attack and Goku and Vegeta’s Final Kamehameha move (first time we see that with them not being Vegito or Gogeta), because I daresay it was the best fighting sequence of all of DB Super and one of the best in the whole of Dragon Ball.

Goku and Vegeta manage to knock out each and every one of the 9 fighters they were against from U9, with the 10th one calling it quits so as to avoid being tortured by Freeza some more and this is where things take a turn from action-packed fight sequences to downright sad and terrifying.

With all the U9 fighters out of the fight, The Grand Priest tells everyone that U9 is going to get erased and sure enough, the 2 Zenos raise their hands and bam!, Universe is gone…except of course for the Angel, Mohito I think his name is. The more interesting part about all of this? Mohito started smiling after his Universe got destroyed, adding more fuel to the fire with regards to the Angels and The Grand Priest being up to something. It doesn’t help that the Grand Priest had this saddistic look on him after U9 gets Ctrl-Alt-Deleted.

The episode ends with Beerus, Goku, Vegeta and the others in a state of shock as they, as the narrator rightly says, realize the gravity of the situation they are in. Goku seems to be very annoyed with The Grand Priest and here I am HOPING he himself realizes the seriousness of the outcome of this result.

All in all, the episode did not dissapoint and it also helps in setting up quite a few interesting possible scenarios. I actually have a theory regarding The Grand Priest, which I’ll discuss in a separate post. As for the next episode, it seems U4 is the next in line to challenge U7. We’ll just have to wait and see where this goes. I can only hope that this episode shatters this silly idea that DB Super is for kids. U9 getting erased is the most saddistic moment in the entirety of the Dragon Ball series, which also contains Super Buu killing every human with a single attack, Freeza torturing and killing Namekians and their children, Freeza destroying a planet just because he was scared of Super Saiyans and Goku Black and Zamasu killing off Gods and mortals for their beautiful world. Tell me again how Dragon Ball is for kids?


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