Harry Potter – 10 confusing movie scenes

Harry Potter is one of the most successful movie and book series of all time. And whenever people get into a debate with regards to whether or not the movies are better than the books, the books inevitably come out on top, and for good reason.

That’s not to say the movies are bad, far from it actually, but they do come up short in some aspects. And while I agree that you cannot fit everything from a book into a movie, at times it’s better to include the essentials, otherwise you’ll end up confusing people.

And I thought it would be good to look at 10 confusing things about the movies. Please note that I still have half of the Deathly Hallows left to read, so if I miss anything from that part, you’ll know why. Needless to say, spoilers ahead but…I’m guessing you may already know what has happened in this story if you’re reading this. Let’s go!

1. Hearing? What hearing?

Ok, so in Prisoner of Azkaban Draco manages to get himself hurt by Buckbeak the Hippogriff and, at least in the book, goes the “My father will hear of this” route and there’s a hearing from the Ministry about whether or not Buckbeak should face the literal axe. In the movie, Hermione mentions this hearing to Hagrid out of nowhere by asking him about the outcome of it. I mean I knew what it was about because I have read the book, but as far as I remember, it was not mentioned in the movie prior to this moment.

2. The wedding at the beginning of Deathly Hallows

So the 7th movie starts out with the wedding between Fleur and Bill Weasley. If you’ve never read the book, you may rightly ask yourself “say wha’ ?”. You never get to see these two becoming a thing in Half-Blood Prince like it happened in the book and you may be left wondering what is going on.

3. The random appearance of the Room of Requirement

In Order of the Phoenix, Dolores Umbridge seizes control of Hogwarts and disbands every club or student gathering. But wait, Harry and co have the whole DA thing going on, but never once in the movie does someone say “yeah, but what about Umbridge? we kinda sorta need a place that she doesn’t know about…”. No, instead we have Neville getting bullied by Crabbe and Goyle and then the room Deus ex Machina’s into view for no reason other than the plot.

4. Why did Harry always go back to his abusive relatives?

This was arguably one of the best moments in Half-Blood Prince, the moment when we FINALLY find out why Harry always had to go back to his Uncle and Aunt over the summer, and it was because of the protective charm that he was under while being there, because Petunia is his blood relative and his mother (Lily, Petunia’s sister) had put this magic on Harry when she sacrificed herself for him. In the movies, it’s never addressed, not even once.

5. How did Harry and Ginny end up together?

I get the sense that in the movies, Harry and Ginny end up together just because it says so in the books. I mean, there she was with Dean Thomas, then she wasn’t, and then they end up together. In the books it’s explained in much more details, starting with Ginny breaking up with Dean, then getting together with Harry and then Harry breaking up because of the whole Horcrux ordeal and then they finally get back together.

6. Whatever happened between Harry and Cho?

Harry and Cho’s short fling starts and ends very abruptly, but at least it ends. In the movie, Harry and Cho share that kiss, and then…nothing really happens.

7. How did the Order know to show up at the Ministry?

In Order of the Phoenix, Harry is lured to the ministry by You-Know-Who, finds the prophecy and is then surrounded by his followers. Next thing you know, the Order appears out of nowhere and it’s never explained HOW they knew about this. In the book, Dumbledore explains that Snape told the Order about it, because Harry had told Snape that he saw You-Know-Who torturing Sirius at the Ministry.

8. What happens to the students who were studying Divination once Sibil Trelawney gets the sack?

So Umbridge fires Trelawney and the Divination discipline is left to…who exactly? Do the students get time off during the Divination periods? Or is there a certain Centaur who picks up the task of teaching students about Divination but is never mentioned ANYWHERE in this movie?

9. Dobby dissapearing for 5 movies before reappearing and saying he’ll always help/save Harry Potter

Dobby saving Harry in Deathly Hallows makes a lot of sense if you’ve read the books and realised that he and Harry became very close friends after their first encounter. In the movies, he dissapears after Chamber of Secrets and is nowhere to be seen until the plot requires him to do a Deus ex Machina and save Harry from the Malfoy mansion…all the while claiming he will always save Harry Potter.

10. How did the Weasleys re-build their house?

In the Half-Blood Prince movie, the Weasley’s house is attacked by Death Eaters and is burnt down. And guess what, in the next movie it’s been magically rebuilt as if nothing ever happened. Why is this the case? Well, besides magic, it’s because it NEVER happened in the book. No need to tell us how it was rebuilt in the movies though…

So yeah, there are 10 of the more confusing scenes I’ve noticed in the movies. Not to take anything away from them, as they are in fact good movies, but there is a certain dip in their quality, starting from The Goblet of Fire. This only gets worse in the following 3, with Deathly Hallows part 2 being acutally good and a good send off for this extremely long movie series.


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