DB Super – the emperor unleashed

Spoilers ahead, you know the drill by now.

A great deal of leaks have appeared in the last 2 weeks with regards to this Tournament of Power that should FINALLY start in the next episode(s). And I wanted to talk about them, but only after I knew for sure they were real, which doesn’t appear to be the case. And that’s a good thing, because I’ve actually had enough twists for the time being.

Anyhow, in this latest episode, we get to see Frieza doing Frieza stuff in the most violent and bloody way possible. In the previous episode Goku and Frieza were ambushed by a league of assassins (though, not very good ones) who were sent by U9, along with a nifty piece of God of Destruction energy. I don’t know how those guys were able to hold the energy without getting erased, but roll with it like I did.

Anyhow, Frieza starts demolishing the group of assassins one by many until the dog like being releases the energy mentioned before. Through a very clever trick he manages to hit Frieza with it and it would seem that his return was cut short…until he manages to pull himself out of the energy and use it on Goku, who lets his guard down ONCE AGAIN! Frieza then tries to persuade U9 into enrolling him as a member in their team, but before Sidra and Roh can decide, Beerus shows up and saves Goku from that energy.

Our lovely emperor resurrected then realizes there is more to this manipulation than meets the eye, no doubt plotting something that apparently involves Beerus as well. The episode then ends with a little sparring match between Goku and Frieza, which ends in a draw. In the episode preview we finally see the warriors gathering to the stage built by The Grand Priest, but in typical DBS fashion, this will probably happen at the end of the episode, with the actual fighting starting in episode 97.

All in all, a good episode which for the moment negates the leaks regarding Frieza joining Universe 4 and Yamcha filling the 10th slot. I say this mostly because in the preview you see Frieza alongside the other fighters of U7. Should he decide to betray them, which seems very likely given his nature, it will happen probably during the Tournament. All we need is just a little patience *acoustic guitar strums*.


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