DB Super – subtle things that may shape the outcome of this arc

There have been many theories and what-if scenarios about this upcoming Dragon Ball arc but during some of the older episodes there were some events which, put into the context of the Tournament of Power, may give us hints about the outcome of this arc. I figured I’d go through some of them here.

1. Zamasu and Gowasu have travelled 1000 years into the future of Universe 10

During the Goku Black arc, present Gowasu was trying to convince Zamasu that mortal beings are not that bad and he decides to go to a planet in Universe 10. And seeing as how the life on that planet was just beginning, there weren’t many rules or logic behind the lifestyles of the beings on that planet. So in order to further convince Zamasu that mortal beings are cool, Gowasu travels 1000 years into the future of the same planet. This wasn’t simulated as far as I can remember and it was the present Gowasu who did the travelling, so could this be a hint that Universe 10 actually survives this whole ordeal?

2. The laid back attitude of the Angels

Ok, so the fact of the matter is that the Angels become dormant when their Gods of Destruction get hakai’d. So why is it that most of them (see the next entry on this list) don’t seem to care about the fate of their Universe? This only helps in adding fuel to the fire when it comes to the theory of the Grand Priest being up to something. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens I guess

3. Whis doesn’t care about U7’s fate…and then does

Whis was like: “yeah, I am your assistant and Angel at the same time Lord Beerus, I have a different treatment than you yadda yadda”. So then…WHY did he speed up Bulma’s pregancy with arguably the biggest asspull technique seen in Dragon Ball? I mean you could trace this back to the beginning of DB Super when he told Vegeta that he would train him only if he would become the next God of Destruction (though I do believe that is off the table…or is it?). I don’t know, it struck me as an odd decision. Maybe he just doesn’t want to lose the Earth because of the food, who knows.

4. Beerus’s bad omen dream

When Goku was off trying to convince Android 17 to join the team, Beerus fell asleep and had a bad dream that Goku dies in an explosion. This sort of became a comic relief moment because of the reaction that Beerus had when he woke up but I still think there is more to this than meets the eye. Remember the other dream Beerus had, with the whole Super Saiyan God fight?

5. Future Zeno’s hand gestures

Yeah, this one was mentioned quite a few times. I’m talking about whenever the 2 Zenos raise their hands, future Zeno always switches between hands in order for him to have the same hand risen as present Zeno. I dunno, maybe it’s far fetched, but it’s always the little things like this that you look back on and say: “huh, it was right under our noses all along”. One of the theories involving future Zeno is that he was somehow possessed by Zamasu, which would be a cool feature and one that actually hasn’t been done before in Dragon Ball.

Hopefully, we get a good story regardless of these hints or not. One can only hope this Tournament will finally get going and we’ll finally get to see what’s going to happen.


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