People who take themselves too seriously

It is a lovely afternoon. You are out at a bar with some of your friends and someone brings up a random topic of discussion. I say random because what I’m about to say relies very little on the topic of dicussion chosen. So, someone chooses a topic they’re passionate about and brings it into discussion.

Let’s say, for the sake of this post, that the topic is Dragon Ball Super and that the person is not a very big fan of it. Quite the contrary, the person thinks it’s very bad when compared to Dragon Ball Z, GT or the original Dragon Ball. I, as a fan of the series, beg to differ with the person’s opinion, but don’t insult him based on his views about DB Super. And the other person simply flips and gets mad because someone dared challenge his views and the other people at the table, me included, end up wishing we had Goku’s obliviousness and blissful ignorance for any and all human interactions.

I hate people who take themselves too seriously. I think it should top 3 in my medium sized list of thing that annoy me, but aside from number one, the other places change a lot, so let’s just say for the time being that I am annoyed with people who take themselves too seriously with regards to anything. You see it all the time, from your friends who want ALL the attention to be on them because they think they’re the only ones worthy of it to your smug ass coworker (or worse, team leader) who belives that just because he had a good day today means he’s the very best, like no one ever was before him or will be after him.

It’s even worse when said team leader starts adopting a tyrannical attitude towards the people they’re supposed to be leading, not beating. You’ve become a team leader, big whoop. It doesn’t give you the right to think you’re the be-all and end-all of team leaders or technical experts. There is always someone out there who will be better than you in some aspects, you know, aside from the ass-kissing one people like this usually use to become team leaders when their EQ and IQ are sorely lacking.

So people, seriously, stop believing yourselves to be the Alpha and the Omega of everything. You’re not, and the belief that you are makes you look like an arrogant little brat who cannot digest people not agreeing with you. You have a strong opinion about something? Good, no one says you can’t. You want to share it with others? Good, as long as it’s not political, for me anyway. If it’s political, I’ll just smile and wave until the neverending debate is over. But remember this. Once you share an opinion about something, there is a good chance that some people will disagree with it. It doesn’t make an opinion wrong, as opinions cannot be right or wrong. But when you’re in public, the reaction you have to a different opinion is the difference between a mature person or a childish person. Go ahead, flip that coin next time.


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