DB Super – so, it’s actually happening?

So, Dragon Ball Super ep. 91 aired today and it was centered around the gathering of the fighters for the much anticipated Tournament of Power. Now there is a tidbit of information revealed in this episode which links up well with a spoiler I discussed in a previous post. If you do not wish to find out what is going to happen in the next few episodes, do not read beyond this first paragraph.

So since you’re here, you’ve either not become bored yet or you want to know what I want to discuss about future events in our beloved anime. Well, the tidbit of information I was mentioning is of course the fact that, from what it would seem, Majin Buu actually fell asleep and won’t be able to wake up in time for the Tournament. This was revealed near the end of the episode, which was centered on the gathering of fighters in each universe. Well, not each, we saw Hit recruiting Frost, some weird Sailor Moon homage in Universe 2 and Toppo and Dyspo trying to reach their general. We also saw that Gowasu likes his GodTube likes and Roshi is trying to overcome his perverted attitude. That was actually a funny scene.

But, on to the big reveal of Majin Buu’s sudden need to sleep. It would appear, at the moment, that Freeza’s 3rd comeback is a thing, not just some one-off gag episode
shamelessly used to inexplicably delay the start of this Tournament. I mean I am expecting more reveals in the next two episodes but as far as I can tell, Lord Freezer might actually be in on this whole ordeal. There is also the matter of a pic showing him with a halo appearing on Toei’s official website which all but confirms his reappearance. What his exact role will be remains to be seen, next time(s) on Dragon Ball Super.

The next episode seem to focus more on Cabba teaching Caulifla and Kale how to transform into a Super Saiyan, which should be cool to watch. We also say Kale seemingly becoming enraged and we might see an evolved form of hers, not necessarily the Broly form, but something beyond Super Saiyan (or, one can only hope we’ll see it). There also appears to be the matter of Krillin and No. 18 wanting out of the 10 fighters…and there is also the matter of Elder Kai possibly finding a way to unlock Goku’s potential, similar to how he unlocked Gohan’s back in Z. It was mentioned in this episode, but due to the lack of time, we might not get to see it. Unless they all remember a certain Time Chamber than can be used in times where time itself is actually very limited (assuming of course Vegeta allows them to enter).


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