The silly animosity between HR people and IT people

There are quite a few legends going about on the Internet, especially on LinkedIn. People talk about the beings in these legends with high regards, as they are very very rare. Think of MewTwo levels of rare (or LR Broly, for those of you who know how real the struggle is). Or, if you’re boring, think of unicorns. What are these beings held on such a high pedestal you ask? Software developers and recruiters who have a mutual respect for one another.

While I don’t want to be rude and specific about what sort of measuring contest this is, I find the animosity between these two groups of people worthy of a few laughs, but in the end pointless. A while back there were some articles I’ve read on the-soon-to-be-Facebook-of-jobs social media network discussing why recruiters annoy software developers or testers and vice-versa. I won’t go to the length of positng links to the exact articles because they were in Romanian and because there are plenty more to choose from if you do a simple Google search (seriously, go ahead and type “recruiters are” in Google and check out the first suggestions Google gives you).

Why must there be animosity? I mean come on, I know recruiters can be annoying when they just can’t take no for an answer (I know, believe me, I know, I could field a Champions League team made of recruiters from the SAME company who contacted me in 3-4 months) but stop it with the name calling. The only thing you’ll succeed in doing is create a bad reputation for yourselves and other software people who actually know how to act but have to endure frowned looks up until the recruiter figures out that you are actually they’re a good person. And in the end, the fact that you constantly get job offers means you are GOOD at what you do. Use THAT as fuel to your ever groing ego.

And recruiters, seriously, read the damn CV before sending the job offer. I know that there are insane numbers which need to be reached (I have a friend who works in HR and I know of the insanity of certain objectives) but seriously, there are basic things that you can do which will not make you look like a fool and will not annoy the reciever of the offer, like NOT confusing Java with JavaScript, looking at the time elapsed between now and the last time the reciever ever used the technology you want to hire him for and knowing the required frameworks and technologies for the job you want to hire the person for. Once again, Google is your friend.

For the sake of some short periods of laughter I hope this animosity doesn’t go away any time soon, but seriously, people, grow up and start acting like the adults you claim to be because you’re either part of an amazing company and want to bring more people in or because you’re an IT graduate with years of experience behind your back.


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