Sometimes, movies should just be fun

Another entry in my medium-sized list of things that annoy me is comprised of any and all movie critics who have no idea what they just watched. No, I am not talking about the Nostalgia Critic, Jeremy Jahns or Chris Stuckman, who, while making a living out of this, seem to grasp the movies they’re reviewing much more than actual movie critics who end up bashing a movie for the dumbest of reasons.

Now I get that constantly looking for flaws is their way of life, as sad as it may be. But I’ve been constantly baffled by the lack of understanding some of these guys seem to have for movies based on comic books, video-games or other assorted sources. During this weekend I went to the cinema and saw Power Rangers. Granted, I don’t know what the reviews for this movie are, I’ll probably go and check them out afterwards but I can almost guarantee that there will be someone out there, proffesional or not, who is going to comment on how the dialogue is cheesy, the story is predictable and the characters are bland. I enjoyed the movie for what it was because it knew what it wanted to be: a popcorn flick meant to raise some fun feelings of nostalgia of back in the day when people watched Power Rangers as kids. The costumes were awesome, the CGI was very well used and I had a really good time watching it, which is exactly what I wanted from such a movie.

But since I didn’t check the reviews for this one, let’s take another example: Need For Speed. This movie came out in 2014 and critics slammed it. Want to know if I enjoyed it? Hell yes. I went into the movie expecting a cheesy story, an over the top bad guy, fast cars, police chases, cool scenery and lack of any logical physics. And I got exactly that, plus the added comedy of Tobey’s crew.

I enjoyed the movie because it was as faithful as it can be to the source material. However, critics, most of them anyway, seem to have never played a Need for Speed game their entire life. I’ve played just about every single Need For Speed game from 1997 to 2014 and I would have been so dissapointed if they tried to transform this movie into some weird-ass character development story arc, when the games are the exact opposite. Sure, it might have been a bit slow at times, but other movies tend to do that as well, you can’t have action sequences all the time without people getting exhausted.

And sure, it’s very cool to not like a movie, beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all. But, for the love of movies, check the damn source material before watching it. Otherwise, you end up making a bloody fool of yourself when all you can gather as flaws to a movie are things that, if you KNEW the source material, would realise make sense (like people saying that Aaron Paul went for James Dean but ended up as Steven Seagal…what does that even mean?). Seriously, what’s next, critics going to a Marvel movie and complaining there are super heroes in it?


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