DB Super – Oh my, there’s a twist (spoilers)

So Dragon Ball Super ep. 89 just aired today and…I’m a bit confused. If you don’t want any spoilers then please stop reading this post after the first paragraph because I am going to discuss the events from this episode and from the previous one.

As I’ve said, I am confused. Well, me and several other fans who thought Caulifla is the female version of Broly. But Akira decided: “hey, you know what? We have 2 female Saiyans now”.

In this latest episode, Goku goes on to convince Tien and Master Roshi to participate in the Tournament of Power, but I don’t want to waste time on that, because it’s the same old “I don’t want to participate but because of some random event I will come and join you Goku”.

In other news, we once again take a look at Cabba’s quest to gather the strongest fighters for U6’s team. And, as suggested by his former captain in the previous episode, he went to Caulifla, his former’s captain’s sister. Trouble is, she’s not really interested in fighting, until Cabba turns Super Saiyan and tells her that he would teach her the form and that there are even further heights to reach. Caulifla seems to be willing to participate now, because she is curious about this power, as any Saiyan usually is.

And here’s where the best part comes. There is another female Saiyan in Caulifla’s gang, and she appears to look identical to the one we first saw in the ending a few episodes back when the Universal Survival Arc was first hinted in the anime. The ponytail, the tame look…she seems to have Broly written all over her character. As opposed to last week, I don’t want to say for certain that this character (who’s name I think is Kale) is actually female Broly, but she does seem to fit the personality of Broly a lot more than Caulifla. And of course, the fact that she does appear to be the same character as the one in the ending a while ago and in the opening…I don’t know, we’ll probably get this answer some time in the next episodes.

All in all, a pretty meh episode, aside from this reveal. From what I understand, next week’s episode is the last episode before the Tournament actually starts. I actually can’t wait for that moment, I don’t mind filler episodes, but it seems to have dragged on a tad too much. Nevertheless, I hope we get to see some more reveals next time. Until then, let the theories come.


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