The annoying elitism of metalheads

Metalheads are one of the easiest group of people to mock sometimes. Not all of them of course, but some of them are so far up their own behinds I’m amazed they can still see where they’re going.

A few days ago an acquaintance of mine posted this stupid photo of Sheldon Cooper using bug spray to scare away not bugs, but certain bands, such as Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica’s St. Anger album, 5 Finger Death Punch, Baby Metal and so on. And before you say it, The Stage still sucks, as annoying as the photo is.

And I don’t get it. I’ve never seen fans of a genre so obsessed about hating everything else THEY don’t deem worthy. I mean come on, you all know the stupid comments on pop music videos that go: “how come this is more popular than real music?”. Well, here’s the problem. It’s stupid elitists like metalheads that ruin any chance of real music, whatever that is, getting more popular. Do you want to know why? Well, for several reasons.

One of them is the infighting between fans of different genres or subgenres. A while back I’ve heard of some sub-genre infighting between doom metal fans and some other one, I can’t really remember right now. And just for laughs I tried listening to one song of each genre. And while there were subtleties between them, the overall feeling was the same. But the fans of each sub-genre were at their throats. The reason for that? I couldn’t be bothered to research it too much, but it was probably too stupid to understand anyway.

A second reason is the attitude these metalheads have towards mainstream rock music. You want to know if your metalhead friend is an elitist? Ask him his opinion on either Nickelback or band t-shirts. If their opinion is “yeah, well, not really a fan, they kind of sound the same but whatever, I don’t really care” or “yeah, well, it would be cool if he knew a bit about the band, but if he likes how the t-shirt looks, fine by me”, then they seem to be a normal person. But if they end up bashing on Nickelback as being the root cause of shitty rock music or if they think that when wearing a band t-shirt you have to know every single detail about the band, then you may want to avoid telling them you like Nickelback or that you don’t know that Dave Mustaine was once in Metallica.

And finally, a third reason for why real music isn’t popular is the fact that fans give up on their favorite band the minute they start charting. Seriously, it’s like these people expect the band to play in the same club or bar for their entire career. The minute they have a charting song though, in the eyes of these metalheads, the band or artist has “sold out”. This one really gets on my nerves because people don’t really know what selling out actually means. Selling out is when you go from one theme in your songs to the exact opposite. For example, say you’re a rock artist advocating for…I dunno, monogamous relationships. Selling out isn’t making your music more radio friendly while STILL singing about monogamous relationships. Selling out is when you go from rock to pop music and change the theme to casual relationships with lots of women or men because it brings you more money.

And let’s face it, each and every musician who wants to make a career in music wants his work to reach as many people as possible. No one dreams of staying in the same club 20 years and singing to the same audience because guess what, that audience will get bored pretty quick. Bands need to grow and gather as many fans as they can. So next time your favorite band charts, maybe don’t go around telling everyone they suck because they dared make a charting album or song? It’s perfectly fine not to like an album from your favorite band, but the difference between not liking an album and calling them sellouts with your only single evidence of selling out being a charting single is called maturity.

And these elitist metalheads seriously need to grow up…


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