DB Super – Caulifla reveal and Gohan’s return

Once again, not Monday’s post 🙂

So Dragon Ball Super episode 88 aired today and it was brilliant. It starts off with Piccolo and Gohan training and Piccolo revealing that he knows of U7’s fate should they lose the upcoming Tournament. And they start their training, only light at first, but with Piccolo, you know that’s not going to last for long.

Meanwhile, we get a glimpse on Vegeta’s amazing diaper changing technique as he helps Trunks take care if his little sister, with Beerus wondering why they’re so carefree when the fate of the Universe hangs in their ability to win. Whis points out that it’s because they don’t know about the stakes. We then get a very funny what-if scenario of Beerus telling everyone about the whole U7 gets erased if they lose.

We then move on back to the training grounds where Piccolo starts to take the training more seriously and tells Gohan about his weakness of getting drunk on power, much like he did with Super Buu and Cell, and dropping his guard as a result.

Elsewhere, we join Cabba and his quest to gather strong fighters. He pays a visit to his former trainer Renso, a former captain of the Sadala Defense Force and he asks him to enter the Tournament. But with a wounded leg, he feels he is not up to it and would not be able to help them in their battle. But, he tells Cabba of someone who is even stronger than him and who could very well be what he was looking for. Who is that person? Renso’s sister, Caulifla…or, Female Broly as we used to know her until today. When I saw Cabba going around and looking for fighters, my hype meter was dialed to 10, because I knew where this was going…after all this time, we finally get to see the first glimpse of one of the more anticipated characters of this arc.

After her appearance we move back to Piccolo’s training ground, where Gohan is still fighting as a Super Saiyan. Piccolo points out that this was not his full power. And, for the second time, my hype meter was dialed up, to like 15 this time, since I was already at 10, and sure enough, he’s back. Ultimate Gohan is back! I also loved the fight that ensued after he transformed, with Piccolo using a cloning technique and seemingly giving up when Gohan chops one of his arms off, only for Piccolo to blast him from behind with that same arm because Gohan had let his guard down once again.

We end the episode with a Gohan who seems to have a better understanding of what it needs to win the Tournament of Power and with a teaser that he may get a power boost soon enough. The final scene is a very funny one involving Yamcha and what he should respond to Goku when Goku will come to invite him to participate in the Tournament. It was a very fun way to end the episode.

So yeah, I very much enjoyed this episode, because it was action packed, we got to see teasers for both Caulifla and Gohan, and we also learned a thing that most everyone expected: Gohan is back, and he will become stronger in this arc.


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