Armchair experts

There is a medium sized list of things that annoy every living thing in me, and while nothing can ever top news and political discussions, armchair experts are up there in the top 5. An armchair expert is that annoying acquaintance you have that can’t stop going on and on about how things should be done in a domain and that if that person were in charge, things would go better.

You know these people, the ones that say “ugh, Guardioala is so over rated, put me in charge of that Barcelona team and I’d win trophies” or “ugh, put me in that Mercedes car and I would win just as many races as Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg”. Which is NOT the case. There is a perfectly valid reason for why Guardiola was winning every conceivable tropy and why Lewis was nearly untouchable in 2015 (and, on a side note, why Sebastian Vettel was nearly untouchable in 2013). They are the best at what they do and this is proven by the fact that their team mates at the time, with the SAME material, weren’t able to keep up with them. And while Pep didn’t really manage to win any significant trophies with any other team except Barcelona, look at the results the team has had since he left. With Pep, we’re talking 6 trophies in his first year, which translates into every possible trophy in a year. Barca hasn’t really been able to replicate that ever since.

You want to know why YOU aren’t managing Barca or driving for Ferrari, Mercedes or Red Bull? Because you are not good enough. You are not the best because you are not good enough, and giving you the best F1 car would not automatically make you world champion. It’s always funny that people like this don’t have the slightest clue about how hard it is to coach a football (soccer if you’re from North America) team or drive an F1 car. Do you think it’s easy to keep the likes of Leo Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar happy? Or, for the Real armchair experts, do you think it’s so simple to keep Cristiano, Benzema and Bale happy? Just ask Rafa Benitez how that worked out for him. You know, the same guy who led Liverpool to one of the best (if not the best) recoveries in a Champions League final.

I went and drove a kart a few years back for the first time. Sure, it’s not an F1 car, but each and every F1 armchair expert should drive a kart once. And once the pain in every muscle starts to creep in from having to keep a 6.5 HP or 13 HP contraption on track while also going for a fast lap, maybe, just MAYBE you’ll realize how much effort it takes to drive an 800HP or more car on a track going 200+ km/h while also making sure you don’t lose grip and speed while turning AND make sure you don’t get passed by other cars going at the same speed. Maybe then you’ll realize that the likes of Maurizio Arrivabene, Niki Lauda and Christian Horner are NOT missing out on anything by having the likes of Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen as their drivers instead of you.

And as for political armchair experts, because Facebook is flooded with them (the Unfollow feature might have been the only one I have overused so much in the last months), I’m supposed to believe you know how to run a country when you don’t even know there’s more than one sports store in the city you’ve been living in for the past few years or decades? This isn’t made up, I’ve heard this story from a friend of mine who told me about some coworkers of his talking about going to a sports store and they didn’t even know there’s more than one of them in the city, when there are actually 3. Talk about doing your research, right? If you can’t even research shops, how in the world can I expect you to make me believe you have ANY clue about leadership? If you did, you’d probably be a leader. But you’re not a leader, unless getting the most likes on a stupid status in which you say how things should be done constitutes as you being a leader.


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