Dragon Ball GT

With the Universal Survival arc taking its time with Goku gathering the team, I though we’d take the time to talk about Dragon Ball GT, the non-cannon continuation of Dragon Ball Z.

So Dragon Ball GT takes place some 10 years after Dragon Ball Z ends (if my sources are correct). And you know how it goes, Goku is transformed into a kid via some Dragon Balls we never knew existed, Universal search for them, yadda yadda. To say that GT is divisive is an understatement. The gray area is virtually non-existent, you either like it, or you don’t. I myself like the series for all its flaws, of which there are many, but people seem to overlook the good things way too much.

There are a quite a few things to enjoy about Dragon Ball GT, which include Super Saiyan 4, Baby as a villain, the Shadow Dragons and Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta (sorry, had to include him as a separate entry, he’s too good 🙂 ) and the exceptional ending. And there are of course things that I hate, which include the OST at some points (both English and Japanese), the focus on Goku and mostly only Goku, Pan’s attitude, the Super 17 Saga, the pacing, the disregard of commonly established facts and abilities such as Dende’s healing power and the rehashed spirit bomb final battle ending.

But one of the more interesting talking points is, if GT were canon (which GT isn’t), how could Super fit into the continuation? Before we go any further, let me just state that I know GT isn’t canon and I know that the official ANIME continuation of Dragon Ball Z is Dragon Ball Super (because apparently the manga and anime are separate, at least for Super).

Dragon Ball Super has hinted at Uub in the latest episode, so another link with the end of Z has been established. With Bulla (or Bra) appearing in one of the previous episodes, all the new characters from the beginning of Dragon Ball GT and the end of Dragon Ball Z are now accounted for. That being said, there are still a few inconsistencies, which may or may not be addressed in the end. First off, Kibito and Shin are still fused in GT, which is not the case in Super, so unless someone reverses time or they fuse again because…reasons…this is one of the things that doesn’t fit into GT. Another thing people have mentioned is that, since 17 is going to fight in the Tournament of Power, the Super 17 saga can no longer fit into this timeline. However, people forget that 17 was mind controlled in Dragon Ball GT. And the latest episode has shown us he has increased his strength quite a lot, so that would explain how he beat Trunks so easily and why he attacked Trunks in GT in the first place.

A third aspect to consider is the absence of God forms in GT. Some people in Youtube comments came up with the idea that Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta is actually some GT version of Super Saiyan God, but that is a bit far fetched, so unless Zeno or someone else somehow removes Goku and Vegeta’s access to God ki, this cannot fit with GT. Finally, the absence of all the Gods, including Zeno from GT, seems to be the biggest or one of the biggest problems with Super and GT fitting into the same timeline. This may be solved after the Tournament of Power, but there is quite a lot of damage to be done if this is the case.

Remember that this is more of a what-if scenario rather than a serious possibility. As I’ve said, GT is non canon (proven by the presence of movie villains) and I don’t think that Super will lead into it. In the end, it might be explained as some dream Pan had or something, because you can’t actually disregard it. Another theory would be that the Universe in which GT takes place is one of the Universes that Zeno destroyed. What will actually happen remains to be seen though.


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