The overbooking phenomenon

By now you may have heard of the debacle at United Airlines and their less than gentle way of handling overbooked flights. If you haven’t, there was this flight that was overbooked and the crew asked the passengers if they would like to go on the next flight, which was the next day. They didn’t, so the crew chose randomly. I think 3 out of 4 passengers were ok with the decision, but the 4th one wasn’t and he was dragged out by the police.

Anyhow, this event reminded me why I hate this overbooking phenomenon and why airline companies and hotels need to STOP THIS! Seriously, why would you run the risk of having overbooked flights? Why do that? Why be so damn greedy? Sure, the statistics are on their side, because more often than not, if they overbook a flight, some passengers might not arrive to catch that plane and so they don’t have to worry about it. But why? Why, in an age when people travel so much do these companies STILL feel the need to do this? It’s one of the sh*ttiest things you can do, and handling it the way United Airlined did doesn’t do them any favours, especially in this day and age when stuff like this goes viral.

And hotels have followed this direction as well. Last year when someone I know wanted to go on vacation, the hotel they booked, through a travelling agency, turned out to be overbooked, and they had to be moved to another hotel in another resort. While it all turned out ok in the end, I still don’t get why the traveling agency did not inform them before hand (they found out on the spot, after the plane had landed and the guide wanted to see where each passenger had to go afterwards). This kind of stuff doesn’t just happen overnight.

In a previous post I have stated that there is a medium sized list of things that annoy me, with politics and news being number one. Well, safe to say that at number two we find greedy f*cks like airlines and hotels who practice overbookins and want to squeeze every last penny they can find, even though there is plenty for all of them. People travel a LOT these days, there is absolutely no f*cking need for you to be so freaking obsessed and greedy!

I can only hope that events like the one mentioned above are scarce. There is an easy way to handle situations like this. If you were so greedy that you overbooked, you either pay the unlucky customers a hefty amount of money (you know, because you’re a sh*thead) OR you offer them accomodation nearby if the flight isn’t on the same day. Or, you know, you can continue to forcefully drag them out of the plane even though they have paid for their ticket and have every bloody right to stay on the plane if they wanted to.


2 thoughts on “The overbooking phenomenon

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