Dragon Ball Super – Universal Survival Arc directions

After Toppo emerged in episode 82 as a pretty serious contender, given that a full on Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken Goku was not enough to take him down, our loveable goof ball set out on a quest to recruit the heroes for the upcoming Tournament of Power. This…is not what I want to talk about.

The Universal Survival Arc is setting up to be quite huge, even though Goku is acting all joyful about it. And of course, Dragon Ball fans everywhere started to theorize as to where exactly this arc is heading towards. I’ve seen a few of these theories and some of them are actually pretty damn awesome. Other though are not. I’m going to go through 5 of them from worse to best, in my own opinion of course.

1. It’s just a prank, bro

I’ve seen this one tossed around quite a bit. The idea behind this one is that Goku and Zeno talked and Goku asked Zeno to mention the whole “your universe gets destroyed if you lose” thing just so that every universe comes up with the greatest fighters and they give it their all. I absolutely despise this theory, even though given Goku’s antics it makes sense. If this is all one big joke and there were no actual stakes for this whole ordeal, I can almost guarantee that the amount of hate Goku is getting right now will be NOTHING compared to the hate the creators of the series will receive if this is the outcome. Why? Because it’s lame, it takes away any and all tension that you might have and it will make people lower their expectations even more with regards to the chances of anything with actual significance happening from here on in.

2. Super Dragon Balls “Get out of Jail free” card

This one is pretty obvious. Goku wins and wishes all the universes back. This could potentially bring back universes 13 to 18 as well, which could lead to a new arc, so there is that. While not as annoying as the first theory, it still takes away any stakes, even though the Grand Priest often mentioned, either implicitly or explicitly, that defying Zeno would be very very bad. And bringing back 8 to 12 universes might just set him off…

3. Something or someone interrupts the tournament

I don’t really know who would be silly enough to interrupt a Tournament where all the Gods of Destruction are all in one place, alongside with Zeno and the Grand Priest. But think of it this way…if ALL the strongest fighters are all gathered in the same place…wouldn’t that leave their homes in peril? Maybe someone shows up from the Demon World, you know, the world where Dabura used to be king…I don’t know, this one seems a bit far fetched, but you may never know who shows up.

4. The Grand Priest wants revenge

The Grand Priest is stated to be one of the 5 strongest fighters in the multiverse, at least in the anime. In the manga it’s stated that he’s the strongest fighter there is. When he was first introduced, he started out pretty chill, he seemed very peaceful and such. But as of late, he seems to come across as a person who is hiding something. His smirks and looks, ever since he was revealed to be Whis’s father, have something weird about them. And let’s not forget that when Zeno destroyed the 6 universes from 13 to 18, it’s a great possibility that he may have killed 6 of his children. He may want revenge on Zeno for this. There is also another idea that he is actually the highest ranking God, and not Zeno. And I wouldn’t rule that out, given how he talks on behalf of Zeno quite a lot.

5. Universe 7 loses and Goku realizes his mistake

Wait, what? But how could Universe 7 lose? Won’t they get destroyed? What about GT? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!

But I wouldn’t put it past Toei to do this, given how Zamasu kind of won in the last saga. Sure, he wasn’t there to enjoy the success of his plan. But if you listen closely, you can actually hear him say how this sacrifice was important because his plan was successful and he has left a beautiful world bla bla bla ningen bla bla bla I am a God bla bla bla.

Don’t forget that Goku is based on Sun Wukong, the Monkey King who became too strong for his own good and started challenging the Gods, only to have Buddha imprison him for 500 hundred years. While the time skip between Majin Buu and the ending of Z is 10 years, I wouldn’t rule out some sort of punishment applied to Goku because of his attitude towards people with a higher authority than his.

And as for the whole destruction thing…one possible solution would be for U7 to be spared destruction in exchange for Goku getting imprisoned for a few years, which then leads us to the end of Z. Of course, the other possibility is the use of the Super Dragon Balls…I’m still curious if these would still work if U6 gets destroyed though.

So these are my thoughts on some theories about the directions for this arc. What will happen remains to be seen. What I do want from this arc is some sort of lasting consequence. I don’t want it to be brushed aside as some sort of joke, because I do believe that the series would be in danger of cancellation if this arc doesn’t lead to anything.


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