Ask someone what they think an introvert is and you’ll more often than not garner responses that label them as special snowflakes who think they are better than others because they don’t socialize or stay in a dark cavern all by themselves all the time. To be fair, people who do this and think they are special snowflakes are annoying, especially when they label themselves as introverts because today you’re more of an outcast if you DON’T belong to a group rather than if you do.

I’ve never been one to feel the need for constant social acceptance or interaction, as I’ve stated numerous times. After some reading I’ve noticed that more often than not my behavior falls under the category of introverts, given that I don’t have that many friends and I do enjoy my alone time, as I feel I can actually recharge my batteries better than when I’m in an agitated area e.g. a club, a party etc. Do I think I’m special? No. I just don’t enjoy these kind of activities. And it’s perfectly fine if you do, I’m not bashing on you. I’ve worked with people who said that they enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city life and that they feel really good when they are surrounded by lots of people.

Does society think I believe myself to be special though? F**k yeah. The reason of course is that some people take refusals to go to parties or social gatherings as an insult to them because…I don’t know why. And of course there are the people who are genuinely anti-social but label themselves as introverts to justify their jerky behavior.

There are a great many things people get wrong about introverts, especially when it comes to their need to socialize. And I’m not going to base my arguments on other people or what not. Since I myself am more of an introvert than an extrovert as it would seem, I’m going to shatter some stereotypes about this whole thing.

First off, I try not to label myself or anyone as an introvert or extrovert, because it doesn’t matter. I can understand why people who desperately try to act and label themselves as on or the other tend to come across as special snowflakes. I say this doesn’t matter because neither behavior is good or bad. It just is.

Secondly, introverts are not anti-social. Their idea of social behavior involves less people than some might consider “normal”. This is caused by the fact that I, like many others, can’t stand pointless chit-chat that goes on when you are at a party/wedding/etc where there are a great many people who you don’t know or barely know and you have to exchange words with them. Some people have the ability to better interact with those around them in this situation, but not ALL of us have to do it.

And I’d really wish people would understand this. Not because I care about labels being put on me, but because it leads to the appearance and spreading of annoying stereotypes that, while they do exist for a reason, tend to become the norm when it comes to describing people who have a certain behavior.


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