The art of shutting up

Celebrities tend to make making fun of them so easy at times. They also make getting the cringe easier too. There seems to be this high held belief among these people that their fans want to hear their beliefs, especially their societal and political ones. Lately I’ve been noticing a trend among music artists of releasing songs or albums in which they take a dig at…their bloody audience for the most part. Katy Perry recently released a song called “Chained to the Rhythm” or something. I was sadistic enough to listen to one or two verses from it, a chorus AND a clip from a guy called Buckley on Youtube where he dissects the song and pokes fun at it.

The fact that I am writing a post about this is entirely my fault. I asked for it the moment I listened to it. In the song, Katy abuses of the current societal trend of throwing the word “bubble” in every other sentence, in an attempt to make people aware of bad events happening around the world, like mindlessly disrupting everyone with your stupid sh*t is going to accomplish anything other than you not getting invited to social gatherings. She also says that listening to music in clubs while you are living in said bubble is bad. Now one can make the assumption that Katy Perry’s music is not destined for clubs or parties…except one can’t since such music about kissing girls and seeing other people’s peacocks is meant to be played IN CLUBS AND AT PARTIES! *sudden realisation*

It’s not like this is specific to a certain genre, though. Metallica released a new album last year and the lead single and title track of it, called Hardwired…to self destruct has one of the most pathetic attempts at making people aware, with genius lyrics that go: “We’re so f**ked / Sh*t outta luck/ Hardwired…to self destruct”. Listen, I’ve tried my hand at lyric writing and I ain’t very good at it. It’s hard to write lyrics. But when you are held by some as the pinnacle of metal music and then release a song with those lyrics…you get the idea, right?

And don’t even get me started on Avenged Sevenfold’s “The Stage” single…that whole album deserves a separate post actually. Suffice it to say that I thought I heard the worst with Hardwired. And I was wrong on so many levels…

Mark Twain has a wonderful saying: “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt”. Some celebrities should really look into it and make use of it. Each and every time a band or artist made some political remarks, I checked the comments section of that particular post. And contrary to their belief, there weren’t that many people who supported such posts. And you might say that they’re entitled to sing about what they want. And that much is true. But you either do it from the start or do it right (see: Rage Against The Machine and Rise Against and any respectable punk band) or you don’t do it at all. Otherwise you come across as pathetic and unoriginal. Bashing leaders without offering any solutions is one of the easiest ways in which you can whore for approval on social media.

And telling your audience to basically go screw themselves? There is only one person I know of who successfully pulled this off, in a live concert nonetheless. You wanna know who that person was? Freddie Mercury…and even he did it after the audience was able to keep up with his vocal exercises. And he did it as a joke. Others actually want to be taken seriously…


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