Societal definitions of anything are usually wrong

Did you ever go into the outside world and feel like you’re being judged? Probably yes, because that’s what society is good at. Making up some vague definitions about almost anything and then measuring you up to see how you rank against these definitions which are usually so stupid and wrong it’s way too easy to poke fun at them.

I’ve never really cared that much about fitting in or respecting these rules, mostly because they change so much it’s almost impossible to abide by them. For example, when I was little it was considered a gentleman’s act to hold the door open for a lady, now apparently it’s bad. Even more so than this, I’ve never felt the need for social approval. I don’t have social insecurities which need securing by doing whatever society says is good.

So why do I say societal definitions about mostly anything are wrong? Because they are. People start promoting stupid stereotypes about introverts, extroverts, people with OCD and so on which are not only annoying but dead wrong when it comes to the actual definition of the words they throw around.

Just look at any entertainment website (9gag, imgur and so on) and you’ll get the impression that introverts are actually anti-social people who think they’re so special because of that. And in order to have OCD, all you have to do is be neat and tidy…which is NOT what having OCD means. Throwing these words around is diminishing their actual meaning to the point of rendering them useless or devoid of any actual meaning.

And don’t even get me started on the societal definitions of beauty. Those are quite possibly the most irritating of them all, alongisde the idea that you are a better person if you are “informed and aware”. I’ve always found this last one amusing, because more often than not people fail to answer one simple question: “You are a better person by being informed and aware based on WHAT exactly?” How is your personality or behavior better than mine because you are informed and aware? If you actually like being up to date with whatever is going on on Mother Earth, that is perfectly fine, but don’t put yourself on a pedestal and think you’re above others because of this.

So yeah, I don’t really care about what society thinks about my behavior. As long as I don’t do anything ACTUALLY bad (you know, illegal stuff), I have no interest in abiding by some unwritten laws that dictate how one should or should not behave.


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