5 ways to stay sane in a politically obsessed world

People have gone insane. Mental. I genuinely believe some of them might actually need to seek out psychologcical or psychiatrical help because of their obsession with politics. And I don’t mean that as any sort of joke. When you block out friends or even worse FAMILY out of your life because of different political views, you need help. I don’t care how right you think the cause you’re fighting for is.

It seems people are incapable of accepting anything other than their opinion and take different opinions WAY too personal. I’ve heard of some woman divorcing her husband because of who he voted for and I’ve heard of a former co-worker who was not talking to his parents, you know, the ones that raised him to be such a mannered person, because of their political views (don’t know of the current situation). I can’t be the only one who thinks this is…INSANE!

I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve unfollowed on Facebook because of their obsessive need to share anything political. And I mean ANYTHING. From shady blogs to shady news sites to somewhat reliable news sources, people during the last year and a half have invaded social media with their incessant jabbering about who is bad, who is good and so on. And they’ve become so tiresome that I decided to unfriend or unfollow them altogether. And before any of you come and point to the first paragraph of this article, I have not broken any family ties or friendships over differing political views. I find news and politics VERY tiresome and have decided that, instead of a reactive behavior when seeing such posts, I’m better off not seeing any of them. If worlds are colliding, I’ll hear about it. Also, most of the people I’ve unfriended were former coworkers whom I haven’t spoken to in the last year so…

Ugh, anyway, for those of you who are as tired as me about political talks, I’m about to bring you 5 ways to keep your mental sanity almost intact until people (hopefully) get tired of discussing politics. So here goes:

1. DO NOT ENGAGE in political talks with people, friends, coworkers, family or otherwise

Whenever you’re out with friends or coworkers or whatever, do not start any political talks. And if someone else does, simply wait for it to blow over or wait for an opportunity to change the subject.

2. Take this opportunity to clean up your friends list

You can’t possibly have 200+ friends that you actually keep in touch with. I’ve always had this need to keep the number of my social media connections to a bare minimum. That means removing anyone who I have lost touch with over the years and who doesn’t seem to care if I exist or not. They don’t care about how I am doing, and I shouldn’t either. And as for the ones that I keep, if I constantly see bullsh*t posted by them on my feed, I either hide their posts or unfollow them altogether if the number of stupid posts is too damn high.

3. Do not read any unnecessary news articles online

If it’s not related to something going on in your local area or your country, just ignore the damn article. It can’t be as bad as the article makes it sound and it usually never is.

4. Do not read any comments on any unnecessary news articles online

Yeah, I’ve fallen into this trap myself. I didn’t read the article but I read the comments people left “just so I can see their opinion”. In a sense this is actually worse than reading the article itself because you’re reading someone’s biased view on the article instead of forming your own opinion about whatever is in it.

5. Focus on things that you actually have control over

Where I come from, voting happens once every 4 years for mayors and Parliament and once every 5 years for President. So during a span of 5 years, I have somewhere between 4 and 6 days, depending on how many times you’re supposed to vote for each political role, when I can truly say that I have some bit of control over what’s about to happen. But that bit is very small, considering that there are usually millions of people voting. Instead of obsessing over what you can’t control, start focusing on things that you actually can change. Examples include: taking the time to pursue that one hobby you’re always putting off, spending time with friends or family, doing some exercise, actually doing your job instead of interrupting people with your stupid political talks and so on.

If you plan on following any of these steps, be advised that it will be a long journey. And it will be hard. Believe me, I’ve been down the same road as you have been, constantly being bombarded by these talks and constantly fearing the worst and feeling the need to check up on the latest developments of whatever story people obsess about. And 2 years after this downward spiral started, last year I was finally able to say “ENOUGH!” and start actually getting away from it. The world is still here, I am still here and I can safely say that my mental health has actually improved.


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