10 aspects that make no sense in Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is quite possibly my favorite show of all time. I won’t call myself an anime fan, since I don’t watch other animes except for Dragon Ball. Over the years though, I’ve seem to come across several aspects that make absolutely 0 sense. I am not going to list all of them, but here are 10 of the most bizarre ones:

1. Naming conventions on planet Vegeta…royalty wise

I get that Saiyans are named after vegetables, but what is up with the royalty line? Why is there a planet Vegeta, a KING Vegeta and a PRINCE Vegeta? Did they run out of vegetables by the time our loveable prince was born? Or is it the fact that the Saiyan royal blood line is just narcissistic? Given prince Vegeta’s attitude, I’m leaning towards narcissistic behavior, but it’s still stupid.

2. The world king is a dog

Yeah, that’s a thing. The most important being on planet Earth in Dragon Ball is a dog. I don’t want to ask any more questions regarding this aspect for…obvious reasons, I hope.

3. Lord Popo (or Mr. Popo for non TFS watchers)

To quote Vegeta from TFS: “What is he?”. I mean seriously, what’s up with this guy? I know he’s been around for quite some time in DB, without so much as a wrinkle on his face…someone? Anyone?

4. The Android’s strength

Ok, I get Cell, since he was basically formed by using cells from the strongest fighters of Universe 7. But what about the other ones? Why were they so strong? It doesn’t really make sense to have humans become so strong after some tech voodoo is applied to them.

5. Flying cars in the same time period as dinosaurs

Do I even have to make fun of this?

6. Gohan’s endless potentials

Gohan had his potential unleashed a total of 3 times up until now and the way Super’s going, we’re probably going to have a 4th time. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Gohan, not more than Vegeta but way more than Goku and I would love for him to be in the spotlight again, but please, for the love of any remaining logic in this show, come up with another gimmick. And if you’re wondering what the 3 times were, the answer is Namek (by Guru), Cell (Android 16’s death) and Buu Saga (by Elder Kai).

7. People have short memories

People are willing to believe Hercule beat Cell, but don’t seem to grasp energy, even though we’ve had quite a number of different World Tournaments where Kamehameha waves were used RIGHT BEFORE THEIR EYES!

8. Chi Chi’s attitude towards Gohan in times of peril

I don’t really hate Chi Chi that much, but holy cow, her attitude towards Gohan during the Cell Saga is dubious. She kept going on and on about how Gohan’s studies were more important than saving the world. I don’t know if she thought Goku can beat him, as always, but come on…save the world, then he can study all day long.

9. Vegeta’s Majin phase

Goku and Vegeta’s rivalry is awesome. But Vegeta going all Majin makes…little sense. You outlived your greatest opponent prince, you can chill out and become stronger without allowing yourself to be possessed.

10. Goku’s seemingly endless amount of free passes

This is more prevalent in Super, when this loveable idiot went from a tad careless to full on “Zamasu actually made sense” careless. And he always seems to get away with it. You’d think that from the number of times the world was almost destroyed because of this guy’s actions, there would be other people besides Beerus who would question if he is a bigger threat than those same people give him credit for. If the whole “Universes who lose get destroyed” idea actually goes through, Goku would be indirectly responsible for so many murders, his kill count would probably only be rivaled by the summing of the kill counts of all Gods of Destruction, Freeza and Majin Buu combined.

All this being said though, I still love this series. I don’t know why, I just love it. As frustrating as it can be to watch a series where characters who actually receive character development are getting pushed to the sidelines by the world’s worst case of manchild.


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