Goku is…hopeless

So, episode 77 of Dragon Ball Super came out yesterday and it was proven once again that Goku, while possessing some of the 9 ways in which one can be smart…is still stupid, dangerous and oblivious to his surroundings.

I’ve watched Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and people who say he’s always been this way…you’re not exactly wrong, but I don’t remember Goku defying Gods in such a manner, except for King Kai maybe. I remember back in DBZ when he met Supreme Kai he was very respectful of him and didn’t go against what he had to say, although in hindsight it might have been better, considering he knew he could take on Dabura. Also, should things have taken a turn for the worse, he also had his SSJ3 trump card.

I mean sure, Goku has always been this innocent, naive character, but I don’t recall him purposely going against what divine beings had to say unless he had a very good reason to. He went against Kami’s idea of killing Piccolo Jr. because that would have meant killing Kami as well and that made sense. He also went against King Kai’s words when he allowed Freeza to reach his full power. That still made a bit of sense since Goku reasoned that beating Freeza while he was at 100% would shatter his pride. It was a risky move, but still made more sense than what he did in this recent episode of DBS.

When a freaking God of Destruction and his servant (who is actually STRONGER than said God of Destruction) tell you to sit down and shut up, maybe it’s a good idea to sit down and shut up? I don’t know, Goku was never really one of my favourite characters in Dragon Ball, more of a Vegeta and Gohan fan myself (and Beerus most recently), but his involution as a character is…too much. I don’t care what people say, he has changed, and not for the better.

What will actually happen in this arc remains to be seen, I don’t know if Toei and Akira have the guts to go THAT dark (killing countless people for the lolz), but what I do want to see is Goku actually being held accountable if things go bad. It’s like he completely forgot about Zamasu, a story arc where he was ENTIRELY responsible for Black and Zamasu’s acts, because he couldn’t help but spar with Zamasu.


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