A few years back in time, 2008 or 2009 to be almost exact, here in the land of choice we had a song being played over and over again called “Change”. The artist’s name is Puya and, aside from the fact that some of his older fans were annoyed because he went from his original hip-hop background to a more commercial approach, the song was pretty good. Especially in relation to what I am about to write here.

The theme of the song was that people spend way too much time watching TV. And one of the lyrics that caught my attention is (roughly translated and paraphrased): “Each and every one of you is horrified…but you stand, stand and keep watching it”. The idea of course is that people seem to be unable to switch off the TV when they see something they don’t like (e.g. news, Kardashian like attitude, 16 and Pregnant, Jersey Shore or whatever gets the Internet in a teasy everytime they’re unable to LOOK AWAY!).

And I dare say that, 8-9 years later, this message still rings all so true. I keep hearing people complain about this and that which they see on TV and if I should ask them WHY they watch it, I’m not entirely sure they’ll be able to provide an answer to it. But they keep watching it. And they keep sharing articles about it online. And then write long-ass statuses about how they can’t understand how these shows get such good ratings. If only people realized that they are not part of the solution by watching it and “spreading the news about how bad that TV station is” to their friends. You think anyone of those people working for the big bad TV stations, be it a news channel or an entertainment one, care who watches their show? I mean yeah, they do have a target audience, but the bonus of having pseudo-intellectuals watching their bad programmes is all the more rewarding.

It’s the same thing with Youtube viral videos. Or movies. Or anything. People go around watching videos to dislike them, failing to realize that by doing so, they’re giving them extra views as well. And I can guarantee that, if the video you’re watching has ads on it (meaning it’s monetized), the creator of the content doesn’t care about your dislike or negative comments. The same thing applies for movies as well. You think the writers of 50 Shades of Grey, one of the most hated movies on the Internet in recent times, care that you hate it? If you went to see it in cinemas only to comment afterwards how bad it is, I can guarantee you that they don’t care. I know I wouldn’t.

But no, no, keep watching them shows ladies and gents. Also, be sure to comment on social media about how bad TV is and how special you are because you watch it all the time only to tell people how bad it is.


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