Social media meltdowns

I rarely take sides when it comes to Internet trends. I have no desire in wasting my time arguing whether or not a dress is blue or yellow, or if the mannequin challenge is stupid or not. I think I was only annoyed by the whole Ice Bucket Challenge, when people purposely endangered themselves instead of donating money. That one was idiotic.

Why do I do this? Because, in me being neutral, I have the chance to laugh my bloody ass off every time I see someone get in a teasy over something some random person or celebrity did, even though the impact on their lives is virtually minimal.

You know these people. They’re the ones who went insane over that whole Harambe debacle, or that time a freaking crocodile grabbed a kid in Disneyland (seriously, a crocodile in a fun park, what in the name of the divine is that). And of course, a few years back there was that whole “that scientist landed a comet on Mars, but let’s pick on him because of his shirt”. His…shirt! With CARTOON CHARACTERS!!!

Of course, each and every one of those events mentioned had two sides, one blaming the other over the course a few days and even weeks. I can’t help but think that if you sum up the energy wasted by these people for these virtually pointless discussions, you’d be able to provide the necessary energy to power the equivalent of all of Tony Stark’s suits in Iron Man 3.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather waste my energy discussing matters that actually have an impact on my day to day life. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that will power is limited, and using it to try to convince others of your opinion on Facebook or other social media platforms is beyond useless.


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