Dragon Ball Super – Universe Survival Arc

So, after Zamasu’s midlife/existential crisis, I, as many others, thought that the next arc in Dragon Ball Super would feature Hit as the main villain, because of the whole “Hit-Job that cannot be refused”. Admittedly, I am a bit dissapointed that this was not the case, though finding out who actually hired Hit to kill Goku was funny.

Instead of this, we are left with some mildly annoying and sometimes funny filler episodes that will eventually lead up to the next arc, which is the Universal Martial Arts tournament. However, the actual name given to this arc is the one in the title.

And ever since I first heard the name, I had a gut feeling that it could be something…dark. Only to have those suspicions confirmed when Toei said that the rules are simple: you lose, your universe gets destroyed.

I’d be lying if I said that I am not hyped about this. But I also have a weird, unsettling feeling arise each time I think about it. People keep saying that “yeah, maybe Zeno is saying that so that every fighter gives it their all”. To them I say, yeah, that sounds like something very Dragon Ball-ish and it may be the case. That being said, one must remember that, in the future timeline of Trunks, when Goku summoned Zeno, he was like “yeah, this world is kind of empty, it must disappear” and BAM!, Universe 7 from that timeline got destroyed and Trunks had to go…somewhere different. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Zeno actually meant it.

What I am also curious to see in this arc is some back story on The Grand Priest and the other angels of Dragon Ball Super. Something seems really fishy about them some time, particularly Vados. I’m also really curious if, as some have speculated, The Grand Priest is the servant to Zeno, in the same way Whis and Vados are servants to Beerus and Champa. Because that could potentially mean he is stronger than Zeno if the scales are kept.

What will actually happen remains to be seen, apparently starting from February 5th. Until then, get hyped.


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