New beginnings and things I want to see less of in 2017

So, 2016 is officially over and 2017 is now upon us. A Happy New Year! to all of you.

As much as I am a sucker for everything related to Christmas, as detailed here, I also usually enjoy New Year. Maybe not in the usual sense of laying down vaguely defined resolutions which I will then proceed to disregard, but I do enjoy the idea of a new beginning each January 1st.

And with a new year, I thought of a list of things that I would definitely want to see less of in 2017:

  • bitching and moaning – if you’ve been anywhere near an entertainment website or social media platform in 2016, you may have read comments from people saying “2016 is the worst year ever man”. The reasons of course are that a bunch of celebrities passed away and some two major political events happended which, as you might suspect, I won’t be discussing. 2016 is not killing your favorite celebrities, the lifestyle which they’ve employed over the years is what’s killing them. Years are not sentient!
  • armchair experts – I am done with you people. I am seriously done. I bloody hate all these armchair experts who seem to know everything there is to know about playing football, driving an F1 car, coaching a football team, running a country etc. They clog every comment section, every portion of my news feed to the point where I’ve unfollosed 75% of my Facebook friends and lately they’ve been clogging every discussion at work. If it’s so easy, why aren’t you doing it?
  • social media meltdowns – this one I’ll discuss in more detail in a separate post; suffice it to say that, while unbelievably funny at times, going insane on social media for the dumbest of things really is…at the very least weird.
  • Mercedes domination in F1 – please? pretty please? 😀

That’s about it for this first post of 2017.


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