5 books worth reading

During these last 12 months I’ve been fortunate enough to go through a series of books that helped me better understand myself, why I do what I do and how one can improve his attitude and replace bad habits with good ones. There is a link for each book on goodreads if you click on the title of them.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

1. The Power of Habit

Ever wonder why you do certain activities without thinking about them too much? Or how you can get rid of certain bad habits? Well, this is the book to go to. By learning about the main components of a “habit loop” from several examples which include Michael Phelps, a woman who falls into the habit of gambling and a man who managed to walk around his neighbourhood, even though he had a serious accident which impaired his brain, you’ll be able to better understand your own habits. And you’ll also learn how to change them. However, it won’t be easy, so be prepared.

2. The 4-Hour Workweek

Tim Ferriss seems to receive a lot of hate, apparently this is because of his ego. And I’ll lie if I say this isn’t a bit evident once you start reading this. However, the sheer number of good ideas I’ve read here is well worth the read. While I don’t believe it is actually possible to only work 4 hours a week, by applying some of the time saving methods mentioned in this book (particularly the “impossible to meet deadlines” one), I’ve been able to successfully complete about 90% of my tutorial app by only working on it for 1-2 hours a day. Also, it was refreshing to see another person on this planet with the same mindset as mine with regards to news.


Earlier this year I’ve left the corporate world to work in a smaller company, but with a way WAY better sense of purpose and better people. If you’ve read the posts from my Corporate Inc. category, you’ll have noticed I hate most of the corporate status quo. And reading a book by some guys who actually have a company and tried to do work in a different way (hence the title of the book) was refreshing. If nothing else, after reading this book I’ve understood that the only way to get things done is to acutally start working, regardless of how small the piece of work is. Endlessly planning and postponing do not count as work.

4. How Will You Measure Your Life?

This is a very good book for those of us who want to figure out what they do in life. By figuring out what you want to be, having a set of principles that you will stick to and also having a measuring unit, you will be able to live the life that you have always wanted. The key to this is to have a definite response to the 3 things mentioned before (what you want to be, the principles, and the measurement unit). One of the most important lessons I’ve learned from this book is that applying your life principles in 100% of the cases is easier than applying them in 98% of the cases. Why? BEcause once you open a door of compromise, you will always find excuses to stray away from what you want to be.

5. Start With Why

While a bit tiresome for those of us who are NOT Apple fanatics, this book provides a very good input on why certain companies are better than others. The answer of course is because they have a mission, a goal. They know WHY they exist. Simon Sinek actually does a very good job at linking the 3 main questions a company has to answer (WHY they exist, HOW they work, WHAT they do) to how an individual sometimes makes some decisions based on feeling, rather than analysing facts.

So there it is, a list of 5 books I recommend people read. I may go into more details about which one in separate posts. Hopefully these short reviews will be enough for you to want to read them.


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