The IT world – where everyone is a leader

If you’ve ever went job hunting for a new position as a software developer, or tester, or PM or whatever, you’ve undoubtedly went through some job descriptions. And with each job description comes a description of the company.

And boy oh boy is this IT world full of leaders. In fact, every company is a “leading company in IT services”. Which they are NOT. It may come as a shock to all of the people who think “everybody is a winner, yay, ribbons all around!”, but in every competition there is only ONE leader. Not two, not three. ONE. It doesn’t matter if the competition is football or IT services, only ONE team is leading…or ONE company is leading. And only ONE of them gets to be called a winner in the end.

I know it pains people to not be first in their domain, but calling yourself a “leader” when in fact you’re 5th or 6th in whatever ranking system is used to determine the best of your field is not going to make you one. Actually doing something in order to become said leader will of course generate results, but come on, no one ever does that. Bitching and complaining is WAY easier than actually improving one’s performance.

It’s just like with task prioritization. If everyone is a leader, then no one is.
However, I’ve seen this mistake over and over again. Managers think that “hey, if that company is doing this and that, and it works, maybe we should do it as well”. They never stop to think that maybe the company was built on a certain set of principles, which makes the model that they implement work ONLY when following said principles. A perfect example is when tech companies try to outdo one another in the number of people employed per month. I’ve actually heard managers say “hey, we need to be better than company Y, let’s try and do a day-long event, they do it, and it works for them”. Once again, not how this works.

I’ve always found it funny that copying something word for word from a research source and passing it as your own is a criminal offence while copying a business model word for word and trying to pass it as your own is considered good business, when more often than not it fails on a scale so large that even loners who live on top of the mountain hear of it.

So, tech companies, for the sake of it, can you at least TRY a different approach when describing your company? It’s not that hard to emphasize on things that you actually do better then your competitors. And if it is…are you actually better than them?


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