DCEU shortcomings

One of the most pointless things I see people start arguments over is the neverending debate of who is better: Marvel or DC? The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) or the DC Extended Universe (DCEU)? I mean it’s ok to have an opinion either way, but to actually get worked up about it is…funny to me I guess, but in the end it be pointless, y’arr.

That being said though, in my opinion the MCU is, at the moment, far better than the DCEU. And I can’t say I am a Marvel fanboy, since my favorite hero was, is and always will be Batman. The MCU does have a head start to the DCEU, and the guys at Warner don’t seem to realize this when they make these super hero movies.

There are a few shortcomings with these movies, but the most important ones are the following, in my view:

  • weak scripts – having watched Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, I can safely say that, while I am not as adamant as other people, something was lacking from the script. I don’t know if it was the action scenes, or if they tried to hard, or both, but something was lacking. Man of Steel was incredibly slow, Batman v Superman had the most bizarre of reasons for Batman to stop fighting Superman, Suicide Squad had an identical villainous plan to that of Zod. And don’t even get me started on Lex Luthor. And I don’t watch their TV shows because frankly, they don’t seem all that attractive.
  • characters with no background – ok so you know how before the first Avengers movie, you had movies for Thor, Captain America, Iron Man (with 2 movies here actually), Hulk while other important characters such as War Machine, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, S.H.I.E.L.D etc were introduced in this movies so you already got accustomed to them when the first Avengers came? Well, you don’t have that in the DCEU. I mean, Man of Steel told us about Superman’s origin and in Suicide Squad they threw in a little bit of an origin story for Harley Quinn and Deadshot I guess, but the other characters are…bland. I don’t know anything about them, nor where they came from, nor why I should care about them. And before you say “yeah, but it’s in the comics/tv shows/other source material”…re-read the beginning of this rant. Justice League is coming out next year and the only heroes we know a little bit about are Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, who will get a move before JL if I remember correctly.
  • bad character interpretation – I tried to like Lex Luthor but I didn’t. I definitely tried to like the Joker, but he was disgusting, annoying, over the top…plus they got the realtionship between him and Harley wrong. Need I say more? The only good character from the DCEU is Ben Affleck’s Batman. And Wonder Woman seems to have potential.
  • overuse of CGI – I think this speaks for itself. These movies rely too much on CGI for EVERYTHING related to villains. Go re-watch all of the 3 movies mentioned and you’ll know what I mean

What I’m trying to say is that Warner is rushing these movies way more than it should. The guys at Marvel didn’t come this far by rushing everything. They took their time and are now reaping the rewards. I know that there is a slight chance this movie genre might start to lose its aura, but is this really the best these guys can do? Only time will tell.


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