5 cool moments in DB Super

Dragon Ball Super has been going on for quite a while now, with episode 69 destined to air this Sunday. And through all the bad animation (which I’ve luckily missed, since I started watching after the Revival of F arc) and asspulls, it had it’s fair share of awesome moments.

This list containt my 5 favorite moments so far from this series. They’re in no particular order.

1. Beerus destroys Zamasu

Beerus loves to eat, sleep and destroy stuff. And he is a God, of Destruction mind you. He’s basically a walking talking cat. Coincidentally, he also looks like one. However, being befriended by Goku, Vegeta and the gang seems to have made him soften up a bit. That is until another Supreme Kai is in danger of getting killed.

Beerus erasing Zamasu was one of those moments I’ve been waiting for ever since our loveable Destruction God was introduced, because it shows that, even though he accepts a lot of rule bending from people, when things actually get serious and risk escalating to dangerous levels, he has no remorse in doing whatever is necessary to set everything straight.

Also, this moment was useful for people who actually thought either Goku, Vegeta, Vegito or Merged Zamasu are stronger than he is. They’re not.

2. Trunks’s Transformation

Though still not explained, no one can deny the epicness of this moment. After this long ass (and not as annoying as others) speech by Black and Zamasu about how one of the reasons they hate mortals is that Trunks went to the past, Trunks is like “f**k this”, he bulks up, says one of the coolest lines of the series and transforms into…Almost Super Saiyan Blue ?

Nevertheless, one very awesome moment by one of the series’ most loved characters.

3. Vegeta’s attitude towards Cabba

From showing respect towards another Saiyan to training him and teaching him the ways of a Super Saiyan, Vegeta’s battle and training with Cabba was cool to watch, motsly because it shows that Vegeta has finally started to grow past his old self, the one that was too proud to see other Saiyans succeed or the one who was to proud to help anyone when needed.

Plus, it was fun to watch him trolling everyone who was too dense to figure out what he was doing (so basicaly, everyone except Piccolo and Goku).

4. Goku going berserk against Black and Zamasu

I am a Vegeta fan through and through, but this to me is quite possibly the best moment of the series so far (alongside the next one). Goku finally showing us the traits he exhibited throughout most of Z and actually being serious and badass was long awaited by so many people it felt like we would never get it.

If only we can have more of this Goku in future episodes.

5. Vegeta vs Black rematch

The first battle between these two probably created more insults from fans than most of Dragon Ball GT. However, this was fixed with the second battle between Vegeta and Black, when our favorite prince remembers his pride and the fact that he is a prince and defeats Black in one of the most dominant displays by Vegeta since his battle againd Semi-Perfect Cell.

What I also loved about this battle is that we saw Goku and Vegeta fighting like a team. When Zamasu tried to interfere between Vegeta and Black, Vegeta didn’t even look at him, because he knew Goku would have his back. That was cool to see and it hopefully makes way for more teamwork displays (a sparring session with Beerus would be cool to see with them fighting as a team).


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