Nico Rosberg – WDC 2016

And so it came to pass yesterday. Nico Rosberg is the World Champion of F1’s 2016 season. Now to be honest, I was rooting for him to win, mostly because he has lead the championship for the greater part of the season and he has been the more consistent driver. And even if Lewis had pulled a…well…2008 Lewis and won the championship in the last race with the odds against him, what I’ve rambled about here would also apply to him.

In short, I thing Nico is the deserving champion. He has been consistent, as I’ve said, and he managed to take advantage of every single mistake or bad luck that hit Lewis throughout the season. He hasn’t failed under pressure this season, unlike the previous ones. And strategy wise, he’s had his fair share of good calls (Singapore comes to mind).

That being said though, I think this is it for him, or how a friend of mine put it, this is his “Jacques Villeneuve year”. You know, the kind of year when you get the best car and actually manage to beat your competition and team-mate (even though is was so close) with said best car and then we never get to see you fight for another championship again.

Now I may be wrong on this one and maybe Nico will prove me (and other several million haters) wrong in the following years…but I doubt it. Maybe if the regulations weren’t changing so much next year, I’d have a different opinion.

But with aerodynamics once again playing a more important role in a car’s performance, I suspect Red Bull will be up there fighting alongside the Mercedes cars and possibly McLaren as some speculate. And with Adrian Newey once again back with the team, I really believe/hope they’ll be able to pose a serious threat to the Mercedes domination. Red Bull has had a surge in performance this year once Newey came back, hopefully he’s had enough time to work on next year’s car.

And who knows, maybe Ferrari will finally be able to come up with a good car (and some seriously better strategies…they have shown they can do it in Abu Dhabi this year).

This is just speculation though. We’ll get a first glimpse of all this during the first tests in early 2017. But for now, Nico Rosberg is the 2016 champion and, unlike what some people believe, he has earned it and no one can take it away from him.


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