Dragon Ball Super – my views so far

Dragon Ball Super seems to receive either much love or much hate (much like everything else this year), based on what I can tell from reviews, vlogs or comments. There isn’t that in between area in which people say “Yeah, it has its ups and downs and I do really like it” or “It’s not that bad, just not my style”.

I actually quite like this series so far but I’ll give people who hate it this: it can be better in some places.

Since people love lists, I figured it would be good to go through 5 things I like about Super and 5 things that I don’t like or could be improved.


1. Super Saiyan Blue

Yeah, I’m not gonna lie, I actually enjoy this transformation. From the blue aura and the shade of blue they chose for it, it is visually spectacular…way better than it’s red counterpart. The only gripes I have with it is that it should have been more powerful given that it’s supposed to be stronger than Super Saiyan God and given that that transformation was able to keep Beerus at bay, it seems a little bit underwhelming at times.

2. The whole God hierarchy

When I first saw Battle of Gods, I was intrigued by this whole idea of an almighty God that is super overpowered and to whom you should show respect. I mean after introducing Supreme Kai way back in DBZ and have him be so weak, having a God that makes mince meat out of supposedly the strongest warriors in the Universe is a welcome change of scenery. Plus, having this one man-child above all other gods in this hierarchy is really fun to watch.

3. The 12 universe thingy

Dragon Ball first tapped into this during the whole Future Trunks saga back in DBZ. And now they have expanded this so that we have 12 universes, each with its own set of gods and fighters and everything. The potential is there and this is a very good possibility for DBS to actually introduce new and interesting characters. They’ve already succeded with Hit and Cabba to a certain extent, plus the whole Future Trunks arc which I’ll delve into later.

4. Character development

In DBS we kind of get to see a lot of character evolve in quite an astonishing matter. I am talking about Vegeta, Trunks and Future Trunks for the most part, but newly added characters such as Beerus, Whis or Zamasu are…well…actually pretty well written and have a purpose for their actions (unlike a certain pink annoying villain from Z, who destroyed things for the lolz).

5. Villains

The villains in this show have been freakin’ cool so far. Even though Beerus is not a villain per se, Golden Freeza, Zamasu and Black have gotten my curiosity and my attention in the series, even though I didn’t really like the Ressurection of F ending nor Zamasu’s whiny attitude (luckily, the other Zamasu was more badass, probably due to Goku’s cells). And unlike some villains from Z, Zamasu and Black appear and start terrorizing everyone AFTER getting the advantage, making their plan almost bullet proof. And to be fair, even though they were ultimately obliterated by Zeno, Trunks and the guys didn’t actually win this thing either, since the Future Trunks timeline is gone.


1. Goku’s stupidity

I know Goku is supposed to be this carefree and naive character who became this way after he hit his head as a child, but as someone pointed out in a Youtube comment, this is borderline TFS braindead. It’s like Vegeta bashed his head repeatedly between Z and Super. From wanting to fight every being that moves with no regards to possible consequences to forgetting the urn seal witch should have sealed Zamasu, it’s becoming annoying. I am thankful for that hugely badass moment against Black and Zamasu though.

2. Lots of unexplained stuff

This is especially true to the Future Trunks arc. Trunks has two important moments in this saga, the first one being his kinda sort of LSSJ looking like transformation against Black and Zamasu and the second one being the spirit sword. These two moments have yet to be explained so far…which is kind of a bummer, since I don’t think they’re that hard to explain (e.g. he witnessed God Ki and somehow managed to use it to become…whatever that transformation is and he trained with King Kai). But with no official explanation, we’re left with speculation.

3. The Resurrection of F arc ending

Is it REALLY that hard to let Vegeta have the kill ? Come on, you just had to shoehorn Goku into this, didn’t you ? One of the more frustrating moments of the series.

4. Too much Goku and Vegeta

Thankfully, Super is not Dragon Ball Goku Time. That being said, I feel that the focus is too much on Goku and Vegeta. Luckily, this has been slightly addresed with Bulma, Trunks (both of’em) and Mai actually getting involved more in the Future Trunks arc and Gohan seemingly coming back to form. However, I do feel that, even though other characters have been given some screen time lately, there is a need for another strong fighting character aside Goku and Vegeta. Maybe in the next tournament arc…maybe.

5. Too many random asspulls

Trunks’s two moments from above, Vegetto’s nerfing, Vegetto’s nerfing AGAIN when the fusion lasts 5 minutes because of the same useless reason used in GT, Black’s sword which incapacitated Vegeta a while back…yeah, there’s a lot of these here. I can only hope this somehow gets addresed in future sagas, otherwise fans might start getting annoyed by it.

So there it is, my views on DB Super so far. Overall, as I’ve said, I enjoy the series quite a lot. Here’s hoping it gets better with time. It already went from bad animation and art to good, so my guess is it should get better and better from now on.


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